Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pygmies, Peas, and Quilts

After Pygmy Child had been out of touch for a week, Brown Boy was missing her so very much. So off Pygmy Child goes to Florida this week to visit him and his family. She is in a frenzy of making and buying small gifts for his family, (with mom's help of course, can you show me how to do that, please?) She will enjoy the warmth of Florida, we always tease her about being a sun seeking reptile. I am a bit jealous since I love the beach so much, but ah well, at least someone will be having fun!
Speaking of fun...
I finally finished the quilt I started for Pea a couple of months ago. Pea decided she needed to help.

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And this is what I call really enjoying your fiber art! You could say she was "hungry" for some quilt'n,.

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Here is a picture of the finished product:

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I am really pleased with the results. This type of quilt is called a
rag quilt,I love the frayed edges, they seem so homespun and comfy.
When Pea gets older, I will let her pick out her own fabrics and she and I will sit down and her grandma will teach her how to tie a quilt of her own. My kids still have some of the quilts we made together. Just because I am a believer in women's rights, doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed some of the more domestic side of life.
My friends in college seem so surprised to find out that I am a quilt'n, breadmaking, fruit canning kind of mom. But I am. Far less crunchy granola than I was when the kids were small, but the values and skills are there.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

ipodmomma said...

beautiful Pea and quilt too... :)))

I crochet, and have made many a baby blanket for friends' new arrivals...

and I too feel the same... just because I like to craft doesn't mean I'm not up for equality as well... :)))

btw... if you are ever over here, you must stop in for a cuppa... :)))

Dream Mommy said...

That is really cute. You're very creative.

Granny said...

Who said we couldn't do both!!

A thinker said...

That's a beautiful quilt :) You're a talented lady.