Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mutant Pygmy Child

The early promised post was mostly written and almost ready to go when my connection to AOL was lost. Along with the connection there went my post into cyber space. So if this rewrite doesn't meet with your high expectations, blame it on the puter. So my little Blogger Snickerdoodles, here we go. Pygmy Child.
Pgymy Child came into our family in the most common way, albeit a tad bit early. (four weeks) She was a wee thing of just six pounds, but we found her uncommonly beautiful.

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She was always just a little snip of a thing. Being the first child overly concerned with parental approval and perfection. (She is still that way, 25 years later, anyone who says kids don't come with their own personalities, either has NO kids or only 1!) She was an easy baby, easy to entertain and rarely even needing a scolding. My husband and I were convinced it was our amazing prowess at parenting that was the root of her delightful and well behaved self. The Princess was sent to us to cut us down to size! We quickly learned from the Princess that we were incapable and in fact, probably rotten parents. Now we have teens and are are CONVINCED we suck at the parenting thing, but we can't find the place to return them, so we are stuck with them.
Back to the Pygmy Child. By the time she was 7 or 8 it was obvious to EVERYONE that she was not a normal sized kid. I remember someone asking me in a public bathroom if she was potty trained already. I replied, I sure hope so, she is four! At eight years old she only weighed about 32 lbs.

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Child in the center is Pygmy Child, she was probably about 13. Child on left is brother Tank, 6 years younger! Child on right is a cousin, 6 1/2 years younger.
We took her to some specialists but it would be a few more years before we got an answer to her problem. She has a rare form of dwarfism.
-A small aside on political correctness among those of below average height. There is no such thing as a midget, all people under 4 ft 10 in are considered Little People and suffer from a form of dwarfism-
The form of dwarfism our daughter has is actually what makes the pygmys short too! Hence, the name Pgymy Child. When I quizzed a doctor as to how we had produced a pygmy child, seeing that even though Bald Man and I are short, neither of us are pygmys. We were told it was probably a mutation. There ya go! Mutant Pygmy Child!
Here is a more current pic of the darling.

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To the right is Tank, 5ft 10in, and to the left is Oldest Son, 5ft 8in. Pygmy Child in the middle makes them look much taller than they really are.
Currently Pygmy Child is a junior in college. She returned from a mission for our Church about a year and half ago. She served in Venezuela and Aruba. She now is a fluent spanish speaker. She is still a pleaser and a perfectionist. She is really a kind person and I am proud of her in terms of the person she is becoming.
A few months ago Pygmy Child joined an internet LDS dating service and a couple of months ago she began a long distance relationship with Brown Boy who lives in Fl. I know, I know... we feel uncomfortable with the internet thing too, but I think this is getting to be a more common way of people meeting, as the world wide web shrinks the globe.
So far, everything we know about Brown Boy has impressed us. Brown Boy has a degree in computer stuff, is employed by the public utility company in Florida so he is a college grad and he is gainfully employed! He has a good relationship with his family and treats his mother with respect and love. (I have always told my girls to watch how a boy treats his mom, he will treat his wife with the same amount of respect. It has nothing to do with weird Opedial urges, it has to do with a man's perception of the worth of women)
To bring us to the entire focus of this post:
Brown Boy arrives to meet the fam on Fri! We shall see. Watch this space for updates and even possibly pictures!

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achromic said...

LOL you have such an intersting family! I am sure having fun getting to know them.

Granny said...

Hi Jo. Sounds exciting.

ipodmomma said...

how exciting! looking forward to hearing (and seeing?) how it goes...

we never know what blessings we are going to receive... Pygmy Girl sounds like a wodnerful gal, and at least you had an easy one first! Ted was a terror, and when Spencer came along, I thought something was wrong with him at first, as all he did was sleep... seems that's actually what most babies really do... :)))

A thinker said...

Whoo! That's exciting. Yes, we want pictures :-)

Jenny said...

I'm dying to know about his shoes...

My very wise aunt once told me to never date a man that wears cowboys boots. (We're in IL where most farmers wear galoshes and guys that wear cowboy boots don't like to get 'em dirty) She was mostly right And I eventually married a man that wears canvas converse.

Jo said...

Jenny I will do my best to remember his shoes for you, perhaps even a pic!