Monday, May 08, 2006

Shoes and Love

Jenny asked for a picture of Brown Boy's shoes when he deplaned. Here they are.

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Now my whole family is awaiting for the mystical fortune telling by our beloved Jenny on what exactly those shoes mean! Kind of reddy brown sorta bowling shoes.. Well Jenny?

Brown Boy passed our family tests with flying colors. He was polite but obviously smitten in a good Mormon boy way with our Pygmy Child. Being raised LDS if you behave yourself means, you will be celibate until marriage. And by way of TMI (too much information) Yes, Bald Man and I were good Mormons and we behaved ourselves until our wedding day. Not that we were not tempted, but we felt strongly about it, so we kept our hands pretty much to ourselves until that day.
The chemistry between the two seems of the normal variety. He did say that our family was pretty silly and interactive. We are very hands on, lots of tickling, wrestling, hugs and kisses in this household. We tease and have a lot of insider family games and jokes. Brown Boy said he enjoyed that about our family. He even got to witness Little Man at his absolute worst at the Picture Taking Fiasco and didn't run screaming, so he must really like Pygmy Girl!
By the way, in spite of Little Man's not so great behavior, I am so pleased with the picture we got out of it. All the portrait place gave us was a tiny computer printout of it, but I went ahead and scanned it in. That amazing picture taking lady even got Little Man to smile! Wow. Small taste of what is to come in a couple of weeks for your perusal.

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Pygmy Child expressed her continued approval of Brown Boy. I also had a chance to speak with Brown Boy's mama, who was very nice also. I told her she had taught her son well and he was a credit to her teaching.

The romance continues.

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So what do you guys think? Will they or won't they?

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ipodmomma said...

nice looking couple... and the family pic looks good too!

when Spencer was 3 or so, maybe even 2, we had a family picture, done at Sears, and he was fine until it was finally our turn. then he had a cow, and he's red-eyed and tearful-looking in the photo... oh well...

thinking good thoughts for them!!!

Jenny said...

Ok here’s what I see:

These shoes are stylishly unique dare I say artistic? They are well rounded in that they are a little dressy (leather), a little sporty (stripes on the side), and a little outdoorsy (tread on the bottom).

They are clean and shiny, he either
a) is neat and clean
b) put on his nice shoes before he came to visit
c) bought brand new shoes before he came to visit because he reads your blog
(Any of these answers shows concern for how others perceive him)

They are leather - he’s not an animal loving vegan.

They have a little grip on the bottom - he’s an active guy in general

The toe is rounded, he is down to earth - relaxed and he likes to be comfortable

The laces are perfect – he does things right the first time (straight-laced?)

They are reddish brown – he’s not afraid to be bold

I would bet these aren’t his only shoes because these shoes can’t be worn to the beach or with shorts, nor can they be worn with a dark suit or in the snow. One has to have the means to buy shoes that are so specialized.

I guess I would say based on ONLY the shoes, this is a man that I would let date my daughter.

How'd I do?

Jenny said...

Plus he's totally a cutie.

(Thanks for the shoe shot!)

Jo said...

Wow Jenny, I had no idea you tell so much from shoes! I would say you are absolutely correct! He makes good money, (has a nice car) and as far as I can tell, pretty much everything else you said. He is an eldest child like Pygmy Child and is a bit of perfectionist, and anyone who knew a good Mormon would call them staight laced. (Been called that myself) Way to go, and I will have to read this to my family, they are all wanting to know.

Granny said...

They look good together and they seem happy.

Nice pictures.

A thinker said...

The family pic looks great. And the couple are very cute together! Here's hoping for the best.

Fashion said...

The couple looks very cute like Timberland shoes.....ohhhhhh....yeahhh...