Friday, May 19, 2006

We Are Home (sort of)

Yikes! Still trying to get my life back to a place of being semi organized. When you come home from a trip, you notice how the car vomits all its' insides into your front room? Still have bits and pieces there, but it is mostly put away. I am feeling a bit, um, well, frazzled? Fuzzy? Not sure of the word. But it is because we were gone for a week and I am still not feeling completely home, AND now I can not ignore the fact we are moving in TWO weeks and we have to pack up our lives of 13 years here. I am tired, tired, and really tired. We arrived back in Utah at 3 AM and I was up by 8 to help get Little Man off to school. No nap and Little Man did NOT go to sleep til past midnight last night. ARGH. I am NOT thinking about that. Won't think about it, too hard to think about him not sleeping and what it does to our lives. I hate that we live our lives in a such a fragile space. But there, we do, there is no helping it. And am I packing today? Nope. Friday breakfast with a friend, off to Salt Lake to see a friend's sick child in the hosp and then a visit with an out of towner and to Borders to spend a 40$ graduation present.

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