Friday, May 05, 2006

Things I am going to miss

Today is the big day! Brown Boy arrives in Utah later this evening. Today is a busy day getting ready for his arrival and the usual daily busy-ness.
As we are getting ready for the big move from UT to MO, I find myself wending my way nostalgically down memory lane. Because we are moving from a five bedroom house to a three bedroom apt, there are many things going to be left behind. Some of the things, all I have to say, is good riddance! Two broken down couches, an older freezer, things like that. Teenage boys who like to wrestle have been very hard on our furniture.
But some of it! Oh it is going to be hard to say goodbye...

My lilac bushes

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Close Up

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The Wisteria
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Close Up

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Because of space constraints, we are also leaving behind our nice grill, it is only one season old. I really enjoyed it while I used it. Sigh....
And Igamu.(that is Lakota for cat) Our sweet kitty. He is 12 years old and only has half a tail. He is filled with spunk and curiousity. He was licking (tasting?) the rat last night! But the family who is buying the house wants to keep him. I really think he will be much happier staying in his familiar house than picking up and moving somewhere. So I will miss


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Good bye grill, goodbye wisteria, good bye kitty...

P.S. A Tale from the Bathroom

By the way, my Bloggiest ones, do NOT buy the Neutragena Micromist Tanning. I like the color, great color. The spray sucks! You will end up a striped tiger, it is impossible to do it well, so don't bother spending the money. Also, you will use more than half of the almost 10$ can for just one use! I had to go back 3 more times trying to get rid of the stripes and I still had paler spaces. Dang it. I am going to see if they sell it in a lotion instead.

Participate in ending the Genocide in Darfur!

Bombadee has asked everyone to please blog about sending a postcard to Bush to help end the genocide. Please, please go to this link and send a postcard to Bush, telling him we need to stop this!
Send a Postcard to Bush Please send the postcard and please blog about this issue too. I can't imagine how difficult these people's lives must be and this is a very small thing I can do.

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

Jenny said...

The Wisteria is lovely. Good luck on the move and thanks for the link and the post.

ipodmomma said...

sent my postcard.... ta love!

it is hard, saying goodbye to one's house, and the flora that has to stay behind. and your kitty too??? wow, you are good to that kitty, to let her stay there as she is 13, and the trip might not be too kind to her...

have a lovely weekend!