Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Children are an awful lot like puppies and kittens, they are sooo dang cute when they are small! I suppose that is one of the reasons why Bald Man and I had so many, we were so enamored of little people. Well my internet peeps, beware, because just like puppies and kittens they grow up and then they are NOT so cute.
We were just informed by Princess that she is marrying the guy she dated in high school whom we all despise! I didn't like him then, don't like him now. I wish there was something good to say about this whole thing, but there just isn't. This boy's father is an abusive so and so, (we know this because oddly enough, JJ's best friend is the youngest son in that family). When these two were in high school, when Princess broke up with him and even before, there were alot of cues that he was or would be abusive. After they broke up, well, that was a wake up call for us. He stalked her, screamed at her, swore at her, it was horrible and we were so glad when he joined the military and left the area for a couple of years.
Egad I really detest being polite to people I despise. I worry about Pea, that this awful man will do something to her one day when his temper runs short with a child that is not his. I am too upset to even think straight right now. I am furious at Princess and just in despair about how stupid my children seem to be. I don't know what in heaven's name I did to deserve all of this. ARRGGHHH!!! I am just beside myself. I am praying and hoping this move to MO goes through, cause I just want far away from the stupid things she is going to do. I predict now, maybe 5 years or so. A couple of kids more and she will be divorced. Stupid, stupid child. It wouldn't be half as bad if Pea wasn't involved. But she is and I am so scared something will happen to her and I am soooo angry at Princess for dragging this sweet baby through this whole stupid thing.
Maybe, maybe, a small corner of my mind and heart wants to be so wrong about this, for him to prove himself not to be the idiot he has been so far... but it is such a small hope, so little and easily crushed.

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baggage said...

I am really sorry. It is so hard to stand back and watch your kids make mistakes.

Jane said...

Oh, this must be so difficult to take. I will say a prayer that the situation has a good outcome, whatever that may be.

Jenny said...

Pea is lucky to have you watching over it all.

Granny said...

It's hard to stand by and watch your kids walk into a mine field.

Keeping you (and her) in my thoughts.

CaerLiveSound said...

The hardest part might be yet to come... and in situations like these, when it happens you can't even bring yourself to say "I told you so." But the Princess has a wonderful family behind her and she'll be okay. The question is, will you guys?