Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Condoleezza Rice Did It!

Check your seat belts, it is going to an another whiny post. Let us start at the beginning. Our air conditioning in the van is broken this year and I just can't find the 300$ it will cost to fix it. The weather has been cooling off a bit and this has taken the edge of desperation off fixing it. Little Man had an appointment with his new psychiatrist which is a one hour drive each way. We, (Bald Man and I) are both feeling a bit like switching up his meds has become a crisis that needs to be handled.
I had recently bought a new Sony Cybershot digital camera that worked for all of about 2 days. So while I was in the Big City I stopped by the closest store that had it in stock. It did mean leaving an hour even earlier and dragging Little Man with me to the store, but I thought we could handle it. We had a minimal amount of acting out in the store so that was good. And I was pleased to have a decent camera again.
On the way to the doctor's office, from the store, I thought, oh good, I am making good time, I should be there about 10 minutes early. HA! I spoke too soon, or perhaps the Hell's demons who have been assigned to me recently to assist in my descent into a fiery pit of doom, gloom, bad luck and rotten life happenings over heard my pleased statement. What ever. I am sitting at a light when a FLOCK, or would it be gaggle? pod? swarm? of motorcyle police guys came roaring down the street I needed to cross. They stopped all the traffic. Now mind you, the heat is bearable in the car when you are driving, but sit still and you will begin to roast. I am starting to have sweat form beads and ramble unhurriedly down my neck and back when a LARGE motorcade of SUVs zoom past. Do you know who almost made me late for my son's doctor's appointment? It was Condoleezza Rice! And get this delicious irony, SUVs! Gas guzzling hogs idling outside while Rice tells the veterans, "we need to stay the course." I just love the fact her pompous self got in the way of my very important day, of course what ever important thing she is doing, she doesn't give a thought to the suffering people just outside her windows. Darn her and Bush too. I just just mail Little Man to them and let them suffer some reality!
So the doc messed with Little Man's meds. It is 10:30 here and Little Man is showing NO signs of falling asleep. He is, however, showing signs of a death wish. That little monster got into my jewelry box and took out some of the only important jewelry I like or wish to keep. And this is the capper. HE PUT WATER ON MY NEW CAMERA! It is currently in a huff,and isn't speaking to me, I guess its' electronic guts do not appreciate being soaked. I didn't even own it for 12 hours. I am so very angry with him. So Bald Man is laying down with him right now. Not because the Little Booger is ready to fall asleep, it is just so I won't kill him. ARRGH!
The only good part about today was that the shrink was a nice guy. He seems sane, (unusual in a shrink we've noticed!), unassuming, not too pushy, willing to listen and wants to partner with the parents. Pretty pitiful when the highlight of my day is meeting my son's new shrink and not hating him.
I blame Condeleezza Rice for the ruination of my new camera. Kind of like a black cat crossing your path, she crossed mine and now my day is in the toilet. Darn her all to heck anyways. Grumble, grr, grumble, mumble......
There is going to be an anti Bush rally in Salt Lake City in two days. I wish Little Man had started school so I could go. I would tell them what they could do with their SUV's!

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Dear Condi: You broke my camera, witch! Please send me $185.34 at your earliest convenience. I Don't Like You, Jo.

Is that OK, or does it need some fine tuning? Your secretary--Priscilla

Jo said...

Just up the price tag to 234.98 and it will be just fine. How much do I owe you in secretarying wages?

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Oh, I secretary for FREE these days, just to have someone say, "Gee, Priscilla, you write really nice letters!" Pitiful, but true.