Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Things are slowly improving. I did forget to add in the chaos of the last couple of days, our microwave which was only 2 years old bit the dust. Isn't it interesting how quickly technology becomes indispensable? I don't cook with the microwave, but for warming up? Oh it is a necessity. Little Man is addicted to hot dogs and microwave popcorn, so he has eaten nothing of note the last few days.
So on to the improvements. Spoke with the nurse at the psychiatrist's office and we have stopped the medication in question. No doubt about it peeps, we had a MUCH better day today. Like night and day difference. We also have an appt next week with the boy's shrink to talk about what we are going to do. So many problems with doing medication tweaking. He has a very unstable seizure disorder, so even messing with drugs that don't seem like they are connected, (like his Lithium) causes his seizures to get worse. The medication we are discussing about adding also can cause seizures. I am always scared when we start messing with things because it is like walking on the edge of a cliff, you never know which small mistep will turn into a disaster. But I am intensely grateful for small gifts, and the gift of today was a blessing. No fights, no social workers showing up at my door. (Speaking of which, when I talked to the Child Protection worker she didn't know what a GAF score was. Which let me know, this worker is NO social worker at all. Sad, really, that social workers get such a bad name from people who are not actually in that field.)
We got a new microwave today. A small blessing, but still, I am grateful! I spoke with the coordinator of his summer program who told me that Little Man's violence at the program this summer has been throughly documented and to not worry about it. Oh and the nurse too, said, tell them to call me, I will talk to them! So sweet, coming to my defense. And I needed it today. So by this evening, I was feeling much less upset and more like "maybe I will survive this after all".
Let me tell you though, in no uncertain terms, I am TIRED of the Trauma-Rama my life has been the last few months. Let me off this ride, or find me the "enough" button so I can push it, or something, because I am NOT enjoying myself.
Oh yeah, did I mention our new school district has NO idea when they are going to be able to "find" a school for Little Man? I don't dare do much with him after yesterday, so I am pretty well stuck at home until he starts school. Which should have been tomorrow, but is not. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and emails. I really, really needed them and don't downsize the part you have played in helping me feel better. You did and I thank you.

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Jenny said...

I am appaled the school has no plan.

If they can't get it together in a week or so, I'd call your local state rep.