Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I am still without internet access and losing my mind slowly. Gotta make this fast before the librarians kick me off.
We heard back from the neuro yesterday, (finally) who informed me his scan was perfectly normal. I said, wow, you mean that cyst in his brain is gone? Um... well... ahem... um, no... (turning pages and finally reading a report he hadn't bothered to read before calling) no, that is still there. Oh, I replied, I wouldn't call that perfectly normal, would you?
In spite of my sarcasm and annoyance, the good news is the cyst is no larger, stable in other words and is not what is causing the hearing loss. We shall be seeing the ENT next about that. Re scan in a year. Let us all breathe a deep collective sigh of relief. Yay!
Little Man is cruising along at 65 lbs. When/if he dips below that we will consider starting a new med, Megace, (sorry no time to link)which is a cancer treatment steroidy type drug that makes ya hungry.
No other news in Chez Tangled for now. Hugs and kisses to all my beloved interneties, don't abandon me!

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Anonymous said...

Still here, Jo. Thanks for the update. Hope you get your internet back soon. Also hope you get more good news and Little Man gains weight on his own without further meds. Thinking of you...

elizasmom said...

Glad to hear that J's cyst hasn't gotten any larger! Whew! Hope the hearing loss turns out to be easily fixable. And good for Little Man, too.
Now I hope you can get internet access back soon - that would drive me craaazy!

L. said...

Yay on the good news (or lack of any more bad news), boo on the Internet problems, and we await your return!