Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am BACK!!!

Ah yes, my most darling bloggity blogger-puffs, your Jo-Jo is back. The cable people arrived yesterday, between 1 and 5 as promised, but did not finish until about 5:30. After that, I would have posted, but Little Man had a serious meltdown that kept me hopping until I finally dropped into bed completely exhausted. And whatever, they say cable is faster than DSL, but I can't tell, so if you were wondering if it is worth the extra $$ to switch, tell you what, I don't think so.
But!!!! What does make this whole switch worth it, is COMCAST on demand!! I swear, I almost fell to the floor last night in a fit of ecstasy and delight. I told Bald Man I would have pressed my naked body on the TV if I thought it would care. On demand means you can watch it any time, for free, with no commercials and you can rewind and pause too. You will never, ever in a million, gizillion years guess how much easier my life just got. Because Comcast has Ben 10! and Dragon Tales! and Diego ! all of Little Man's current obsessions favorites. Last night was a great example of the improvement in our life with our newest addition. He was foul and screaming and hitting. But whilst he was watching Ben 10 and Diego, he was quiet. 24 minutes of peace and quiet, who knew, they can be bought!!! I wish I were kidding, but I am not, I am deeply, disturbingly elated by the thought of having Little Man being able to be drugged by America's favorite past time.
I shall be visiting everyone's blog in the next couple of days, catching up on my bloggy reading and leaving my snarky comments as usual.
:::::::waving cheerily::::::

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Anonymous said...

TV has it's upside. Come on get real. Who doesn't put there kids in front of TV whether it is a movie, video or NICK JR or Disney channel! I don't believe those women who have TV in their homes and then deny their use---for real!

AMEN to 30 minutes to get a house job done or just a few minutes of sanity!

sjusju said...

welcome back lovely jo!

elizasmom said...

You're back! Yay!

I understand your love for the comcast. We got it for about 6 months after the rugrat was born and it was AWESOME. My husband, who often took 4 a.m. duty, spent a lot of time watching reruns of hideous 1970s TV shows. I watched a lot of lousy teen-rom-coms.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! I have to agree about the cable broadband vs DSL. If my husband didn't work for the cable company and get REALLY cheap broadband we'd probably have DSL.

Jenny said...

Welcome home and we love the DVR we have, I haven't seen a commercial in months.

Azul said...

Great to have you back. I appreciate your opinion regarding DSL vs Cable Internet. I'm debating going from Comcast to DSL, as I'm not sure that the higher cost is worth it.

Granny said...

I like On Demand too. I like several shows that are shown just as I'm getting kids to bed and it's a nuisance to remember to tape. Now I just look them up and push play.

My son thinks Comcast is faster than DSL and he's had both. I've always had Comcast so have no basis for comparison.