Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The First Mountain Monday of the New Year

Alright, alright, it's Tuesday, but I have a good excuse teacher! It is called REAL LIFE. Ugh. Yesterday was, thank goodness, the last day of Christmas vacation and Little Man was FOUL! He kept me hopping all day, I finally escaped by taking him to the movies, which proved to be not much of an escape. In fact, it was the WORST movie experience of my life.
Let me tell you the comedy of errors that was our movie going experience. Little Man is really good while the movie is playing. Getting in the movie and getting out often prove to be patience busters. Yesterday was no exception to this rule. He was yelling at me, wandering away, etc, only, the lines were long, because I guess everyone and their dog was at the movies. We were waiting in line for popcorn, (Little Man insists and we are always hoping he might actually eat some of it. He didn't) The guy was extra slow and with the long line it was really bad. At one point, after he took our order, he went down the end of the counter, turned his back and blew his nose. Me and I guess everyone in line held our collective breath to see if he would wash his hands. He DIDN'T! EWWWWW. So after a brief discussion from my back up posse, I did request (very nicely by the way) the young man wash his hands before he touched our food. Of course that only added to the wait.
The movie was crowded, so we were close to the front. I could not believe it when the kid behind me started kicking my seat. I turned around, the mom told the kid to stop. Moments later, his sister started kicking the seat. I turned around and ahemed. The mom told the kid to stop. I am not kidding you, those two monsters spent the whole time we in movie kicking our seats. I finally gave up, and moved to the front row, I was going nuts.
The only decent part of the movie was after I complained to the manager, I got two free passes. I have never had anything like that happen before. I mean people have kicked the seat, but generally after the evil eye and maybe a polite "could you stop please?" works great. The manager told me next time to go get management, if they don't quit, they will be asked to leave. You know it is sad thing when my kid, with all his problems, lack of cognitive skills and his autism is better behaved than two "normal" kids. GRRRR!
I know, I know, you are waiting for your lovely mountain picture and I won't keep you waiting. Here ya go!

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And because you have been so patient and waited through my whiny movie experience. Here are some really pretty wild rose hips covered with frost.
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Can you believe it? Beauty, just growing wild, on the side of the road. What a world!

And here ya go. The first picture of my beloved Little Pea of the New Year. She is so dang cute and every day grows in beauty and delight.

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Happy first Mountain Monday (ahem, Tuesday) of the Year bloggies.

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Jenny said...

Great post! A little bit of everything in it.

Melissa said...

Those kids need "The Firestarter" glare tossed in their general direction. At least you got a free movie out of it, though.

The Mountain Monday is gorgeous and so are the rose hips, but Pea is definitely the most beautiful thing in your post. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. OH geeZ!

Well I have had much the same. I will call you when I don't have to labor to breathe to talk!

I am blogging! dramamomma1969.blogspot.com