Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Come Tuesday, my beloved Bloggy McBloggersons, I will be back online. The cable company just couldn't get here any sooner. I have been impressed with how much faster DSL is than dial up, now I can't wait to experience the magic of cable! Whoo hoo! Tuesday can't get here fast enough, but the good part is having to go to the library to check up will make that much more grateful to have my internet back.
Little Man continues to cruise along at 65 lbs I am very happy to report. No drugs and nothing else for now. Just what formula he will drink, (usually about 4 oz) and what little food he will eat. Speaking of which, I will have to make a trip to the store again today. Hamburger Helper started making single serving size Cheeseburger Macaroni, which is one of the few things Little Man will sometimes eat. He ate 2 servings last night! That is a BIG deal. So whatever he wants, (in terms of food) he gets. Any calorie is a good calorie when starvation is around the corner.
Oh you guys won't believe the irony of this. On Monday, we were getting Little Man ready for school, and guess what? His zipper on his coat, yes, THE coat broke! So I had to go coat shopping. You know what? All coats have those zip in liner thingys now, so his teachers are soooo out of luck on that one. Actually I hope they hate it just as much, they richly deserve it, for making my life so miserable.
Pymgy Child is slowly getting used to Big City life in her new state. I forget how small Utah is, and how very safe, compared to large cities. The weather in Florida? She loves. In the 70's there and we have six inches of snow this morning. And it is going to be 2, yes, just two degrees here tonight or tomorrow. Pbbbhtttt on her.
Love you all for not abandoning me during my internet-less period. Hang in there, tuesday is just around the corner.

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Azul said...

Great to have an update for you. You'll love the speed of cable internet; I keep trying to talk myself into going back to dial up 'cause it's cheaper, but I just can't give up the speed!

Granny said...

I have cable modem - it's one of my few splurges.

It's wonderful.

Jenny said...

La eats any noodle smothered in cheese sauce too even when I sneak spinach in with it. Yeah for food in a box!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear Little Man isn't losing any more weight, and I'm happy you'll be back online today. Le woot!

Miss you, Jo! :)

Sugar Pixie said...

Hellooooo? It's Wednesday? Where are yoooouuuuu? When you disappear like this we worry!

And six inches of snow? I'm jealous. We've barely had a sprinkle.