Monday, January 29, 2007

Yay for Mondays!

Another Mountain Monday. And you all know how very much I love my Mondays. Today was no exception. Little Man isn't doing such a good job sleeping lately and because he isn't going to bed at a reasonable hour, neither am I. In fact the last few days, I am falling asleep hours before he is. After putting in a two to three hour shift, and I am nodding off, and Little Man is kicking me and waking me up every five minutes, I holler for Bald Man and he takes the next shift.
This morning found me too tired to face the day. I did what any brave, dedicated and childless mother does. I rolled over after I got Little Man off to school and went back to sleep! Until 10:30! God is good and sleep is life.
Lucky for me Little Man decided to go to bed tonight at an reasonable hour, so I am posting tonight. Otherwise this would have turned into another Mountain Tuesday post.
So what are you missing in the mountains in Utah this January day? Utahan's call it an inversion. But in reality it isn't much more than just plain ole smog. But this is the view from my window today.

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All that hazy stuff? Inversion. The truth, unvarnished, I didn't even edit out the phone lines. But still, the Mountains are pretty, even with the smog.
The appointment with the neuro went okay. I am still not thrilled with his very laid back attitude with my son's health, but it is fine as long as he does what is needed. We have an appt this week for an EEG and another one next week to talk to a neurosurgeon about the possiblity of removing that horrid mass in his brain. Basically more waiting and seeing. JJ is doing well on the medication, while the doctor explained it is not a good long term med, it works well short term. We will gather the test info and the consultation and decide what will happen from there.
And your treat for the beginning of the week? Our Pea has learned a new skill:
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She can pucker!!! And such a little charmer she is. If you talk to her sternly, she puckers up at you as if to say, "You can't be mad at me, look at how cute I am!" And she is! Kisses from my house to yours and I hope your week is off to a good start too.

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Azul said...

Ugh, I can't wait for this mess to clear out of here. Poor Chico coughs whenever we're outdoors for more than a few minutes.

That Pea is a cutie! I love her pink flowered top. I totally drool over little girl clothes when we're out shopping.

Here's hoping that you get some much-needed answers for your older son, and soon. I know it's frustrating when the MD's don't seem to get the sense of urgency a parent feel in regard to her child's health.

Oh, and I noticed a change in your sidebar when I checked in today. It's my very first link! Sqeee!

ipodmomma said...

oh, she is a sweet pea at that!

and not for ages will she be one of those camel-ly teens... my boy is quite the surly thing these days! :)))

however, the cookies he makes sure are nice...

Liza said...

My Very Small Animal now starts blowing kisses when I say goodnight and go to leave the room at bedtime. Little monster knows I can't walk away from that. Clever little devils.

elizasmom said...

Pretty mountain, adorable baby!

And I like the new look for the site - nice to change things up every so often, I think.

Fingers crossed that all goes well/as you want at JJ's appointments.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Your daughter's pucker reminds me SO much of my 19 month old's faces that also say "you can't be mad at me"

By the way, found you via Wordnerd in Dairyland Melissa. I like your blog. Beautiful mountain photo too!