Monday, January 22, 2007

Yay for Mountain Mondays!

I bet you guys all thought I had forgotten about Mountain Mondays huh? Well, with the internet being down and then up and then down, and now up again, not to mention JJ's ride to the hospital in an ambulance, things have been a bit, um..., well, crazy would be an understatment. For some of you, it is not Monday, but it is Monday here and I will share my beautiful winter mountains with you.

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It is amazing to think this beauty is just outside my window.
News on the homefront: JJ has his appointment with the neuro on Fri. If he blows off this seizure problem as being no big deal, we shall be looking for a new neuro.
The Pea has had a bad week with a rotovirus and her puking and other assorted nasty eruptions have kept her mama and me hopping.
Little Man is continuing to cruise at 65 lbs, for which I am extremely grateful. I had such a weird dream last night in which Little Man was getting oxygen at night. The doctor wanted to put a permanent trach in his neck, but I looked at the doctor and told him I was not ready to accept my child being declared permantently sick. What our dreams reveal about us huh? It has been a rough couple of weeks for your Jo, really!
And a little funny for you too, so you can see that I still have a sense of humor and that not everything is gloom and doom around here.
Meeko the Magnificent has been widening her horizons around here and is feeling more comfortable exploring. Tonight she decided to explore something else!:

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Bald Man as you can see is a good sport, and surprisingly enough, Meeko usually runs when she sees the camera, but this time she let me capture this moment for you.
Enjoy the mountains and Bald Man's bald head!

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Liza said...

So jealous of your view!

Meeko is adorable. Bald Man, less so but doesn't quite ruin the picture :0)

In my experience, men who lose their hair from the front are thinkers, and men who have that little bald spot in the back are sexy. But when the bald spot meets the receding hairline in the middle, those guys, well, they just THINK they're sexy. BWAHHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Once again, I am in love with your view.

Hope that the Pea is feeling much better by now, that the neuro gives you some actual answers instead of blowing you off and that Little Man continues to cruise along. I have 10 pounds I'd happily give him, if that helps.

Bald Man and Birdie are awesome. My mom's boyfriend has a parrot, but I fear that if it actually landed on my head like that, it would maim. So I talk to him while he's safely in the cage and it works for both of us. :)

Anonymous said...

that's a fine photo... :)))

thinking about and praying for you and yours...

Granny said...

Please tell me he's toilet trained (the bird I mean).

Manuela said...

GASP! You have a BIRD??!!!!

Oh, Jo... Attila has a history of rescuing exotic birds... he will just MELT to see this...

siiiigh (ummm... but does pretty birdy destroy the house from time to time? I could tell you a story or two!)