Friday, January 19, 2007

Awww Crap, try number 2

My dear internet peeps, yesterday sucked, really, really bad. The day started off good! JJ was gone to school after way too long a break, Little Man was off on the bus and I had just eaten breakfast and was in the process of taking a little nappy. Phone rings. It is the high school. The lady on the phone says, "your son has a medical condition?" I am all, yes, no, um, well we just went to the doctor and he cleared him medically.. Heck what can you say quickly to someone who asks that??? The lady then informs me JJ was unconscious and they had called the paramedics. Our apartment is literally next door to the high school so I was dressed and to the school shortly after the paramedics had arrived. I spoke with the teacher who witnessed the "incident" and he told me JJ had said, "I am having a seizure" so he made my son lay on the bathroom floor, (um, yuck!) and then my child became unconscious. He started to wake up as they were loading him in the ambulance. The hospital was where I got to spend my day, worrying about my boy. Geez, the tox screen came back negative for anything, (thank goodness, but it is impossible not to wonder until that comes back, if he had done drugs or something, but he hadn't.) He had another small seizure in the ER. They did a CT scan, but there wasn't anything new in his brain, or with that dang mass either. After the second seizure, they started him on seizure meds until we can get him back to his neuro. The worst part of this has been his recovery from the seizures. He was NOT himself. He was talking like an old man, mumbling, weaving when he walks, falling asleep at odd times. He is not his bright, energetic self at all. Impossible not to be concerned about his state of being. We were just praying he will be back to his snotty self by morning. (And he has been for the most part) I would feel better about it, except I am fairly sure he has been having a series of smaller seizures today.
One really funny thing and one really sweet thing happened at the hospital.
The funny thing? This kid, who can’t even get a coherent sentence out of his mouth, the first thing he asks for, even before his underwear, is his cell phone! He is sitting there, unable to coordinate his fingers well enough to send a text message, holding onto the phone like it is a life line.
The sweet thing? After we were first put into the room at the ER, the nurse said JJ was breathing too fast, but he wasn’t really with it enough to talk to him. I don’t know about the rest of you parents with teens, but they get as prickly as a hedge hog at this age, both emotionally and physically, it seems as though they are always pushing you away, telling you they don’t need you. I began to stroke JJ’s head, just murmuring mommy nothings to him, and guess what? His breathing rate immediately went down. Ha ha! His body betrayed him, he still finds comfort in his mother. I am not saying a word to him about it, just keeping that small treasure in my heart and of course telling the whole world on the internet. On my son’s deepest level, my son still needs his mommy.
Today, we are waiting for a call back from the neuro’s office for a fast appointment. JJ stayed home, I think he is having some small seizures, because he keeps acting weird. We are just keeping an eye on him for now and waiting, waiting, waiting for the neuro to call back.
And by the way? Thanks Liza, for saying that my karma had a seizure lighting rod attached to the top when she heard about this. She thinks she is funny, and actually? She often is!

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Jane said...

Oooh. Scary times. Prayers going up.

Liza said...

Yes, well, what can I say, I AM terribly witty.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before...and I'll say it again...Jo, you are amazing. So sorry things are touch and go right now. Prayers and good thoughts going out for you and all your brood.

Granny said...

My Army son managed to smash his hand badly between two vehicles several years ago.

He called his mommy. From Germany.

No matter how old they get, it doesn't seem to change. Thank God.

Hope things go okay for your boy. It's been a bad time for you lately.

elizasmom said...

OMG! Just catching up on my reading after a week away and what a terrible experience. You're right, though, that little moment when you got to be his mommy and fix it better, that is a treasure to hold onto for those days when he is being every inch the prickly teen. Holding a good thought that all is well soon.

Manuela said...

Oh, sweety... so sorry. Thinking of you all.