Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Because I Just Haven't Had Enough Suck Lately

I called Dr. Very Nice's office today as ordered on Friday night. Because of the vomiting and swelling, we get to drive the LONG drive to Sick Kids R Us in the big city and get a barium contrast study done. They want to check and see if he is getting fed into places people should not be fed into. Sigh. Big deep sigh. Day number 5 of SUCK people! If you are not counting, I am, dang it!
It feels like last week was a dream. Remember Weds and Thurs when I was running with the big dogs? Smoozing and being smoozed? When I felt I was the captain of my own ship? Friday and the following days have felt very much like a big slap in the face. Don't you forget that you have other things to do! Never mind you don't want to do them, nor like to do them, just do it! So, here we go. Good thing for wireless, I will keep you posted. I just called and they said, come on in, and be prepared to WAIT. Geez, I can't stand it!
****take a wild guess who has a fever of 100.3 and is suddenly very quiet?)****

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

elizasmom said...

Maaaaan. It never ends for you all, does it. I hope they find the problem, and quickly. Hugs to all of you.

Yondalla said...

Ah hun, hang in there. It will get better again. It just has to. I insist upon it.