Thursday, February 14, 2008

Very Busy, but in a Good Way!

This peeps, is where I spent yesterday and where I will spend a good portion of Valentine's Day:


Our state capital. I have been invited to do some lobbying on behalf of some causes near and dear to my heart. Could you think of any better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by showing people how much you really love them? I can't.
The very best part of yesterday was getting to attend a rally on behalf of the 2nd parent adoption bill. I got to meet some of my favorite bloggers!

Two moms a turtle and a butterfly I recognized Jackson before I recognized his moms. Alyssa was harder because her hair was so short, post-self-haircut. They are both beautiful and it was way fun to meet them and support them in this cause for their children.

Next:Role Playing with Kids K was the delightful one who invited me to the rally. I got to see her cute lil baby bump and her delicious kids. I also got to help chase down Spence and Cam, and tickle Syd until she was charmed with me.

Whatever your feelings on homosexality, the important part of this bill is the protecting of children. By allowing second parent adoption, you give children access to another parent who WANTS to help take care of them, death and disability benefits, inheritance, health insurance, things I have taken for granted for far too long.
K is the one who has opened my eyes to the world of privilege that I wander in without a second thought. As a straight married person, I am my husband's next of kin, he is my children's father. We didn't pay a lot of money for the privilege, it happened when we got married. This protected place where her children are NOT allowed and it is not okay with me! I am not threatened by people loving each other. I am, however, very threatened by a society that refuses protection to the children. They are our heart and soul, our hope for tomorrow. Please join with us and support HB 138 in Utah. Make sure all children have a protected place to live. Thanks K!

*******Don't forget!******** Tomorrow is Fix-it Friday! Shoot me an email or a comment and I will be sure to send some bloggy love your way! Wait til you see what I have planned for the next couple of weeks! I am just all excited! Thanks to everyone who partipates, either by posting or visiting other Fix-it people.

7 Kids Who Want To Play:

K J and the kids said...

It was SO great to meet you Jo.
What an inspiration you are to me. I mean that. I sometimes lose hope living in Utah that there can be any change at all.
HB318 is a harmless law and yet serves SUCH a big purpose, yet so many people are afraid.
Thank you for coming and supporting us. :)

elizasmom said...

Ooh, that is awesome! Go, Jo!!!

Jenny said...

Oh how wonderful! You are a hero in so many ways. Happy Valentines Day.

Klynn said...

First of all, way to go showing your support like that. I totally agree that a safe, loving family of any make-up is a good one.

Second, a small contribution to fix-it Friday. We've all had the flu/bronchitis for about a week. We're on the upswing, now, but it's been really rough.

Anyway my tip comes, again, from my MIL. Boog was coughing so much that he'd cough, then puke, then cough, then puke. I was totally at a loss, because I'd already given him Rx medication and an albuterol nebulizer treatment and couldn't give anything else. So MIL suggested vapor rub. But not just in the traditional sense.

She said to rub vapor rub on the bottoms of his bare feet, then cover it with socks. Within 15-30 minutes, his coughing had calmed (maybe as much a result of the meds as the vapor rub). But there are lots of people that swear by the technique. It has something to do with pressure points of the body? or somesuch. In any case it seems to work, and I won't hesitate to do it again if Boog needs it.

elizasmom said...

I'm in for FIF, BTW.

Meet the Doodles said...

Adoption is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. Thanks for being such a big advocate.

Katie said...

My Fix it Friday post has just gone up. Hope you're impressed, even while on holiday I still manage to find you instructions for something to make!