Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Isn't Over Yet

It isn't midnight yet in Utah, so this is still an official Mountain Monday post.
Lately I have posted the pictures first, but today, I will make you suffer through my whiny post about my weekend before you get your reward at the end. Don't forget, I don't just post pictures of the mountains, but other favorites from my preceding week and today, oh boy, I have some good ones!
First off, for the curious here is a picture of the tube Little Man yanked out. For the squeamish, you will note it is a link, not a direct picture. Be warned, it will make you squirm.
And here is his new button!


It is so nice, because it is close to his body and as long as he isn't hooked up to a feeding, there isn't a long tube to worry about. I will call Dr. Very Nice tomorrow and see what she wants to do. I have a feeling she will just leave it alone. That would be great.
This weekend sucked! Big time! We don't have Saturday respite anymore, remember? We were able to escape for an hour, Oldest Son wrangled him for us. That hour was our Valentines date. Sad huh? Saturday night, I was asleep next to Little Man, he started to squirm, stood up and proceeded to vomit all over the bed and me. All I could think was how in heck could anyone who didn't eat have so much stuff to spew?? Later I realized, oh yeah, I guess we put that stuff directly into his stomach, so yeah, that is what came up. Neocate stinks. And stains. We unhooked his feed. Took his temp, 102.3. After a long or short night, (long on unpleasant, short on sleep) I took him to the doctor on Sunday. They think he has a sinus infection. He is on abx now. The Pea went to the doctor too, they stuck a swab up her nose, she has the flu. Little Man was FOUL on Sunday. The nice part about his g tube was we were able to run his formula at half strength last night, cut with pedilyte, which he would never ever drink and give him all the fluids he needed! Little Man was foul for the first half of today. I think after that the abx kicked in, because he improved greatly as the day rolled on. Good thing school is back in session tomorrow, because these last four days have been just pure, unadulterated crap.
The whiny part is over and we are moving on to the good stuff!
Mountains first, the good part about Little Man being home today is it was sunset before I got out to take pictures. Pretty pink sunset on the mountains with a rising moon.



Pretty, pretty, no??



A plane flew by with a contrail:



And one more:


Hmm, what next? Torturing the dog or Messy June Bug?

I vote for my poor doggy!



While he hates the clothes, he does love the treat part, as you can tell by the tongue.

Now, my sweet lil Bug!
Grandma loves to give her teething biscuits. As you can tell June Bug loves them too!



I LOVE her smile!

As is true for life in general, even when things are pretty sucky, there are always things to make you smile and feel like life maybe doesn't suck so bad after all!
Thank you for your kind offers to come over and help, and let me tell you, if any of you lived close enough, I so would have taken you up on it! But the offers made me smile.

5 Kids Who Want To Play:

Katie said...

Those sun sets are so beautiful.

Yondalla said...

Pretty, pretty mountains.

Jenny said...

She has a curl in her smile. cute!

K J and the kids said...

YIP...that sucks crap.
Are they sure it's sinus and nothing to do with an infection from the button. Oh what am I saying...lets not even go there.
I'm glad things are looking up and schools back in session.

Those mountains look an AWFUL lot like the mountains in Orem :) ha ha ha

Ambitious Blonde said...

Those mountains are super-pretty!

Love the pictures of Jack. He's got the "I'm dying on the inside" look down-pat.

June Bug is ADORABLE. If I had a guarantee I'd get one that cute and my pipes weren't broken, I'd be birthing posthaste. ;)

I sure hope Little Man is doing better by now, and that you get a break, because it sounds like you could surely use one.