Friday, February 01, 2008

Fix-It Friday in Feb!

It is Feb already, I can't believe it! And another thing I can't believe is how very knowledgeable and talented some of my favorite bloggers are!
Eliza's Mom is here this week to teach you a VERY important skill, everyone simply must know! Go check it out.
And then, (watch out, there is a cuteness alert on this post, because it has exceeded the maximum allowable cuteness quotient of the day!)Katie from The View from the hill has another FREE pattern for the cuteness lover in all of us.
Be sure to tootle on over and give some lurve to our Fix-it Friday participants.

Fix-it Friday

Today Little Man is home because he has decided to become allergic to all the adhesives we have been using to dress his g tube site and I can't send him to school with an unsecured tube just hanging out. And waiting to be stepped on, tripped over or in some other fashion yanked out of his body and then needing emergency surgery to return it to its' new and unnatural home, my kids stomach. This has left me with far less time than I needed to share with you my fix-it Friday post. So instead of taking pictures of what I wanted to show you, I went to the amazing internet and selected for you the instructions that I thought would show this activity the best.
As you can see, I am still making hats with my round looms:


Matching hats! Aren't they delightful? I really am tickled pink about them!
The Princess requested her her hat remain pom-pom-less. But when I mentioned putting pom-poms on the other hats, both of my daughters wanted to know how in the world did you make pom-poms? I feel as though I have failed my children by not giving them this important life skill, so in an attempt to assuage my guilt, I am sharing with you this VERY important bit of artistry:
How to Make a Pom-Pom
And you also have an example of how to do a Fix-it Friday post without actually knowing how to do it, or taking your own pictures or anything. Just have to know a good website, that's all!
I hope you are enjoying Fix-it Friday as much as I am.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Katherine said...

Way back when (when my son had an ng-tube), I seem to recall someone securing a g-tube site with an ace bandage. Maybe something like that would work? Good luck!

Caustic Cupcake said...

Matching hats? Adorable. Someday, when you're not busy (which will probably be decades from now), could you make Parsley a teeny sweater? Or a teeny hat with holes cut out for his teeny ears?

Caustic Cupcake said...

Oh, and the pom-pom how-to was much appreciated and marvelled at, as in, "So that's how they do it!"