Friday, March 21, 2008

The First Fix-it Friday of Spring

Can you believe it is Spring? All our snow is melted, but we are not out of the woods since our last hard freeze day is May 1st. Until then, the jury is out for real Spring.
First of all, go trot on over to Eliza's Mom who, as a black belt AND a karate instructor, has some useful tips on staying safe!

Fix-it Friday!

As for myself, I am going to share with you some sites that make me smile! There is nothing wrong in the world that a good chuckle can't make lighter.
I am a daily checker of the following two sites. They either make me laugh or grin, or just say, awwww!
Eliza's Mom is the one who turned me on to the following site:
I can has cheezburger? All I can say is some people are sooo funny. And silly. And perhaps certifiable, but still funny.
Cute Overload. Enuf said that that one!
Lest you should think my sense of humor is all goodness and light, I shall now strip you of that illusion.
Another favorite that really makes me laugh!
From a little company with the lovely name,, we have
The Demotivators! a funny spin on something all of us have seen.

What do you think of when you read these sentences?
"He spent every lunch hour at home,curdling the burrito."
"One thing I could never figure out was how he kept his shoes on while holding the blazing eel."
"Alone once again, she retired to the bedroom and began hazing the groovy nether squid."
Should some less than wholesome thoughts be what crept into your mind, FEAR NOT, this is just The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator and it is always guaranteed to make me smile. One button click and you are on your way to your own amusing euphemisms.

I am much amused by how language can get messed up in translation, which is why the following site makes me laugh too.
This is a new site to me and has more to explore than I have had time lately to do so. But what I read was pretty funny.
Hopefully these links will put a smile on your face too! Have a great weekend.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

elizasmom said...

Heee. I really enjoyed the demotivator. I may need to order some of thse to hang around my office, just to keep people wondering.

Jill said...

Next year I'm going to do ALL of my Christmas shopping there.

Jessica G. said...

I love those LOLcats! My daughter looks at them with me and we both laugh.
I had forgotten about so thank you for reminding me about that bunch of hilarity.

Granny said...

Hey there!!

No I haven't disappeared - just behind, as usual.