Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Fix-it Friday!

Whoot! And we have some fun ones today. First, head on over Eliza's Mom where the Eliza strike has ended and the our favorite sous chef is back to work showing us how to make some yummy, yummy dinner!

We have a newcomer to Fix-it Friday, Thou Shalt Not Whine who is ready to make you gasp with awe over these Ukrainian Easter eggs! Wow.

Our long time Friday Fixer, Katie, is back again at the top of her form! I about died laughing watching her video on making a cake, with a meat cleaver and marizpan. Go and watch, not only is the cake especially clever, but they talk with English accents, and it was just very funny. Enjoy your View from the hill!

These next two blogs did not ask specifically to be included in Fix-it Friday, but they are having contests and I want to win something and so do you!

Amber at Soggy Cheerios is giving away either a CAKE, or cookies, (depending on where you live) if you win her contest! Go on over and leave her a comment, and then put a mention in your blog for even more chances to win! YUM, YUM! That chocolate cake is the ONE I am drooling, I mean dreaming of!

Baggage at Baggage And Bug has a lovely 12 year old daughter who is making the cutest little toddler leggings!
Here is the link to her etsy shop: Buglegs. The name of the shop is enough to make you want to shop there! She is giving away an Ipod nano as a way to get the news out about her daughter's newly fledged business. And me? I get FIVE more entries for mentioning this on my blog! Head on over and check them out.

Don't forget, the biggest part of Fix-it Friday is either to scoot with undue haste, or meander on over to these blogs, (whichever mode of transportation suits you) and give them some bloggy lurve.

My contribution to Fix-it Friday!

Lately, I have been struggling with some customer service problems. First off is Little Man's home health care. I am just so frustrated with the deliveries. With the wrong things being sent, with the things we ordered never making into a box for UPS to deliver.
Secondly and oh my gosh, this is a big one. We got our windshield replaced last June. Well guess what? Anytime there is a big rain or I try to take it through a car wash, the windshield leaks! We found this out while we were in South Dakota last August as I am driving through a TERRIBLE thunderstorm, and not only am I trying to drive on the freeway and trying to see through the rainstorm, but I am also scrambling for something to soak up the water which is pouring from the top of the windshield into my lap! ARGH! We have called and called, they have come out three different times, but each time, the windshield still leaks. I hate it. The best time it leaks is when I am driving Little Man to the Big City for his specialist appointment and he is screaming and the windshield is leaking and poor Jo is just trying not jump out the window to escape the craziness.
My solution? I found a website that has some really good tips on dealing with customer service and getting what you want. Here is a snippet:

*What the Experts Say: Turning on the charm certainly won’t hurt

*But you don’t want to be so pleasant that you seem like a pushover.

*Bottom Line: An affable, respectful attitude is best, but let your manner express both the importance of your mission and your determination to see things resolved to your liking.

This is a well written and informative article. If you are struggling like I am with customer "no-service", head on over the website and read the whole article. You won't be sorry!

Get What You Want!

Hope your Friday rocks! Here is how mine is going: I am not babysitting. No one is sick, Little Man is in school, and no one vomiting. I consider that not just a successful, but a WONDERFUL Friday indeed. Hope yours is also!

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Katie said...

A little bit later than usual, however I have just put a fix-it-friday post up.

Amber said...

I want a fix it Friday on how to stop the snow!! GRRR!

Jessica G. said...

I try to make a joke or two with the customer service people. Rarely do I get one who actually laughs. I wonder if there's a rule against being amused at work? Or maybe I'm just not funny...
Nah, gotta be a no-smile rule.