Sunday, April 30, 2006

It Happened!

Paradox: one that possesses seemingly contradictory qualities or phases.
Ladies and Gents (or Gent, I know at least one left a comment) You see before you a living, breathing paradox.
Yup, your beloved Jo is a true paradox. And what, you may ask, has brought about this unusual condition, that they do not teach you about in medical school? Nor is it treatable by any means available to the medical community. Okay, I take that back, large doses of pyschotropic drugs would probably take care of it.
We sold our house.
Yup, by the first of June, we must leave the fair state of Utah and we will move 18 hours away to the (hopefully!) fine state of MO.
And the burning question before all of us. Will Jo continue to be Utahjo? Or will she become......


That my bloggy puddings, will be answered in the weeks to come, since even the aforementioned Jo has no idea!
Grad school is calling my name. I just recently graduated from a pretty good school here in Utah. Too many white people, too many Mormons. (Doesn't matter that I am Mormon, in large numbers they become mindless lemmings who seem to be unable to have any thought beyond the status quo, which is nothing the Church teachs, just a result of groupthink)
I have been offered a great scholarship opportunity in MO, so off we go. Selling our house has been the thing keeping us here, and it happened this weekend. But now I must leave!
Want to know a weird number? 13. Bald Man and I have been married 26 years in Aug. We lived in Cali for the first 13 years of our marriage, the next 13 in Utah, and now?? Who knows.
Leaving California was difficult as in leaving my friends. I have not made the number or quality of friends here in Utah that I had in Cali, but there are a few that will make me cry.
But here is why I am going to be completely devastated:

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My little Sweet Pea will stay here in Utah, along with Princess, Pygmy Child, Oldest Son, Tank, (used to be middle son, but I changed it)and Girlfriend, who is no longer girlfriend, but still loved by our family.
Honestly, leaving the older kids will be easier than leaving my granddaughter. They are grownups, can make their own decisions. But little Pea, she is changing every day,and she loves me so much, and I adore the child. Ahhhhh!!!
So packing will resume at a frenzied pace, and in the midst of all this, we have that trip to South Dakota for our big family thing.
It is of comfort to me, (I am not kidding) that my bloggy buddies shall come along with me. A bit of continuity in the midst of a great deal of change. It happened, my life is going to change hugely in the next few weeks.
My plan to deal with my state of paradoxity? Put off thinking about who I am going to miss until the day I move and enjoy as much time as possible with my beloved family and friends. No drugs for me, thanks.

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ipodmomma said...

wow!!! so sorry though that you will be leaving Pea behind...

I told Peter that if we were still here when the grandkids came, that would be the thing to get me back...

however today Ted was talking about going to Cambridge... hmmm...

seems we just don't know where life is going, or what direction is coming next!!!

happy packing!

Granny said...

Life seems to be about change, doesn't it.

Wishing you the best. I have a Mo-Wo commenting from time to time; now I may have a rhyming set.

(Mo-Wo is short for Mother-Woman btw)

Keep us posted. Utah and Missouri are not that far apart.

A thinker said...

Wow! Big move. But great for you getting the opportunity...

I'm sure it will be really hard to leave your family behind. I hope it works out OK for you, and glad to know the "blogging community" can provide some sense of continuity for you...

Jenny said...

Congratulations! I've visited MO and it's just lovely.

Buy pea a computer cam and get one for yourself. After all we live in the age of video phones!

achromic said...

I lived in MO from 9-22ish. There is lots of good stuff there. It is a lot more baptist then many of the places you have probably lived but it also has a fair amount of Mormens too. One thing to expect is that the Baptist won't consider you Christian...... but you are probably use to that. The prejudism is/was fairly high there but I am sure you have had your fair share of that no matter where you go as well.

Some of the buildings are gorgouse. the history is rich. Go to Shaw Garden
It is sooooo worth it. They also have a hands on Science musem.... AND it could have changed since I was there but ALL musems and zoos are free.

Remember that Bush an Anheiser Bush the beer maker is BIG HUGE in Mo. Which I figure you DON'T drink most likely BUT their mascot are the Cylsdale horses..... so you can go to the Bush farm there and see them and lots of other animals .... lol without any beer.

Most of the poorest neighborhoods use to be very upper middle class to wealthy but........ politics and riots made changes. There are cansinos now on the river..... but lots of people want them gone. There are lots a of conservatives that rub together with a pretty nice base of Wiccians...... lol. So basically if you don't want to be bored you won't be.

Dream Mommy said...

I hope sweet pea can visit a lot.