Monday, October 09, 2006

Celebrating Illegal Immigration

On the Rez, (reservation, which for the newbies, most of my family continues to live on) today is a day off and is called Native American Day. Personally I like to give my respects to the man who started illegal immigration. I find the whole brou-ha-ha going on right now about fences and the outcry to truly be amusing. I think it is funny for one immigrant to call another illegal. For me? Indians have a long memory and I think it is only a matter of time frame if you do not orginate from America. Remember to be kind to those who got here later than you did. And if you have never learned the truth about good 'ole Chris, here is a link for your edification. Enjoy.
The truth about Christopher Columbus
Today is Monday and the mountain from my window has the top shrouded in clouds. Laying across the folds of the mountains, like a grandmother's thick shawl tucked against the cold frosty mornings.

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Here are a couple of sunset pictures I couldn't resist sharing. These are overlooking the Great Salt Lake.

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And one more:
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Pretty huh? I am enjoying looking at my beautiful countryside through your eyes. I see things and think "I should share this with my bloggy friends". I notice things I wouldn't have before, beautiful pictures I took for granted. But with my bloggy eyes, they are brand new. Thanks!
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Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Mercifully, I don't know my entire genealogy, so I can't be mean to anyone ! But I know what you mean about this type of bigotry. Shameful.

The pix are GORGEOUS! You must wonder how you could be so lucky to witness this natural beauty right outside your window. I would be. All we get to see here are strip malls and fast-food joints! (not true, exactly...i need to take some pinelands pix to compare with yours.)

Sugar Pixie said...

Unfortunately, it is my East Coast bias that makes me assume that everything west of my house is in a big, dull, flat field.

I never knew Utah was so beautiful! Thanks for filling in that field for us!

And yeah, Momma, let me remind you that we have the beach! And the pines! And several rivers that might be toxically polluted but really you can't tell that just by looking at them!

Jenny said...

I love Mountain Mondays!