Friday, October 27, 2006

Mountain Friday Instead

My bloggiest darlings, you have been so neglected this week! But your dear Jo-Jo has been a teeny bit overwhelmed with the many things on her plate. So sit down and I shall fill in the bits.
Monday- you already know I didn't get the job. Sigh. But you know what?? Your kindest words really did help! I was surprised at how much better I felt after getting some bandaids for my wounded ego. My mother, so sweetly said, "They will be sorry. One day they will say, dang, we should have hired Jo." How nice is that? Moms are good at that stuff.
Tues-I awoke feeling still not so great with this bad cold/bronchitis and so, spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself. I did take a picture for you, even though I didn't feel up to posting it. It started snowing and the mountain was gone!

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Wednesday-Gravy! What a day! I had to speed off to Salt Lake City to meet in the Federal Building with
Senator Orrin Hatch and several other parents whose children have been affected by the insurance cuts. If you don't remember, Little Man's insurance is refusing to pay for his formula any longer because he is able and willing to drink it instead of receiving it by tube. Well his doctor refuses to do the tube, saying with Little Man's immune problems, it could actually kill him. So we have been battling this issue with the state of Utah for over a year now. Along with some other parents, we went to plead our case to the Senator, hoping for some intervention.
Getting there was a comedy of errors. I wrote down the wrong address. Okay, no, I didn't write it down wrong, I READ it wrong. My S looked like 5 and I ended up, oh about 20 blocks from where I needed to be. I then proceeded to make a fool out of myself by being unable to find the federal parking lot, and I am sure the parking guard must have thought I was some sort of a bumbling idiot after he had to come help me back up properly. I finally found a metered spot to park in and the meter was broken!! ARRGH! I was late by now, and I had to hop back in the car and park somewhere where the meter worked. I was feeling all coughy and stupid by the time I got up to the room.
It was an okay meeting, and I am praying something positive will come from it. But with my cold and the running back and forth to Salt Lake City, it left me with little energy for posting.
Thursday-Bald Man calls me and tells me that the Dr.s office had sent Little Man's prescriptions to our old house and if we needed them soon, we just needed to hop in our van and drive to Salt Lake City, (AGAIN!) and pick them up. Mind you kindest internet friends, this city is an hour each way and this would make the THIRD time this week to drive and I am not feeling very well! Well the Princess and I traded. I watched the Pea and she drove to Salt Lake. It was a good trade.
The Pea makes me laugh. I hear some yelling coming from the kitchen, a kind of "help me" sort of cry, not desperate, but a bit unhappy. And this is what I found.

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I unstranded the Pea and then locked the dishwasher so she couldn't get in it again. She is 14 months now and still my heart's delight.
And now, without further ado, your promised weekly mountain pictures.
The view from my window:

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And seeing as how they dressed up to show off for my out of state internet company, I had to drive a bit closer so you could see how very pretty they looked.

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And another:

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Today I woke up able to breathe through my nose again, so I think I am actually getting better. God Bless Dayquil and Nyquil too.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Granny said...

Good luck with the formula. The government can be so dumb so much of the time.

The mountains are beautiful.

Sugar Pixie said...

Welcome back, and thanks for the mountain pics! It's a gorgeous and enviable view.

I didn't know you still had your mom! So the Peapod would make her a great-grandma? Awesome.

And being late, and lost? You know I know all about that from this week, too. Has someone cursed us? Horrifying.

sjusju said...

hope you are feeling better jo! and good on you for visiting the senator - I hope he can do something about it.

And I think your mum is spot on - they don't know what they are missing! I'm sure you'll find the right job soon.