Monday, October 23, 2006

So Sad

I didn't get the job. I am soooo disappointed. The gal called me and said I was one of their top two contenders and that I made a very strong showing in a large field. But still, I didn't get the job and I had my salary all spent in my head. This gal also told me there was another part time job coming up that she was on the selection committee for and she would be very interested in interviewing me for that job. Sigh. I feel so, I don't know. Blah, disappointed, down on myself, a loser. I just want to either cry or go shopping. I am feeling better from this awful cold. That is the one bit of good news.
I'm going to go bury myself in chocolate or something.

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Klynn said...

Aww, man. That sucks. At least there may be another opportunity on the horizon. And hey, you had a great showing, so you have very good marketability. There's another perfect job out there, just waiting for you. You can do it, it just may take a little longer.

Granny said...

I'm sorry. There will be a better one around the corner.

Sugar Pixie said...

Oh, Jo, I'm so sorry. You go right ahead and bury yourself in chocolate if you want.

You are not a loser for not getting the job... most people go through tons of interviews, and each one makes you more prepared for the next. It's definitely not you- you were one of the top two! And I had to apply three times at the same place for the best waitressing job I ever had. Maybe the other job they have is the one for you! Or maybe there is some completely different job out there waiting for you.

I bet it will all be okay. I'm rooting for you!

Sugar Pixie said...

Are you there, Miss Utah? How's it going?