Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Post

First the scary story, then the treat.
This is the only real scary story I have had happen to me. And it really did! So with that in mind, sit back and read.
I was about 10 or 11 years old, which would make my youngest sister Ani, about 7 or 8. Her best friend Jennifer was over visiting our house. My sister's bedroom and my bedroom were across the hall from one another. I was sitting in the doorway of my bedroom reading a book, while my sister and her friend were in their doorway playing with a ouija board. I am sitting there, all innocent, wrapped up in my book, when I hear a horrible scream! It was my sister and her friend, both screaming. I look up from my book, across the hall, to see....
(yes, this really happened, I am not pulling your leg, honest!)
the triangle thingy part of the ouija board set levitating about 8 inches off the board, kind of attached to my sister's fingers. I believe I screamed too, we dropped everything and went running and screaming and looking for our mother.
That ended any kind of hope I would grow up to be a ouija board operator. They spooked me after that and I never did play with them again. We, to this day, have no answer as to why it happened. I blame that event for giving me dreams about telekensis though.
Just as well, when I became a Mormon later, I found out the Church frowns on ouija boards anyway. Not because they don't believe they can communicate with spirits, but because they do feel they sometimes can! The Church believes in good and evil and that spirits live on after this life. But! They also think that spirits who have passed on should be busy with God's work and the spirits who are not busy doing that are NOT the kind you wish to be chatting with.
My one and only scary Halloween type story. Hope you enjoyed it. Now for the treat.
You remember Coenister Caer don't you? Before her untimely demise and withdrawal from the bloggitude? Well before she passed on, I made her some rat costumes, well, rat hats that is.
You know me and my needle felting obsession. Well I got some wool out and my imagination and I poked the wool until it did what I wanted. So for your viewing Halloween pleasure: Rats Dressed Up for Halloween!

Peter Rat-Bit!
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A Devil
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And last but not least, an Elephant
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I enjoyed making them and I got a very nice thank you note by way of the U.S. postal service.
Happy Halloween to all my bloggity dalinks and I will be posting Halloween pics of Little Man and the Pea in their costumes soon.

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Atasha said...

Oh my gosh, I want to die laughing. How cute are those ears and horns!

Hope you don't mind me stopping by, found you by way of Granny.