Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Again!

Well Bloggy dears, even though you just were gifted with mountain pics on fri, I must get back on track. And honestly? I think Friday's pics were prettier. The snow has mostly melted again and I think the mountains are looking a bit drab. Well, as drab as beautiful mountains you see everyday from your window can look. But here goes!

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Normally Mondays are my favorite day, a day to breathe deep and recover from the weekend. But there will be no rest for the wicked in the Tangled Casa. Little Man has the day off school. Argh and the kid is WILD! I mean it, LITERALLY, bouncing off the walls. I worry the kid is going to bruise himself and put a hole in the wall. It is almost noon here and he is finally settling down. Whew. And since he is so cute, you might as well enjoy that also.

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As you can see cute is part of the reason the kid still lives. Plus he is a good snuggler.
I am still coughing, although much improved, instead I gave it to Bald Man who is now whiny and under the weather. Raise your cuteness shield otherwise you just might implode from a lethal dose of cute! Here it comes...I shall leave you with a picture of the cutest grand daughter in the whole world.

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Hopefully the week shall improve! Either way, you'll be hearing about it!

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Klynn said...

Sorry I missed your Friday post. The mountains are beautiful, covered in white, or not. But not nearly as beautiful as seeing a smile on little man's face, or the absolutey lethal adorability (is that a word?) of the pea.

Hope everyone gets over the creeping crud soon, and you get a rest when little man makes it back to school.

Granny said...

It's wonderful to see the smiles. I'm now caught up with your posts - again.

Stupid blogger.