Monday, October 16, 2006

Take a Walk With Me...

on Mountain Monday! I awoke this morning at 5 am to a horrific leg cramp! Ouch! But while I laid there, rubbing my leg, I heard raindrops outside the window, thought about the clouds and wondered what kind of a picture I would get for Mountain Monday. Sure enough, when I got my camera out and opened the blinds, I found the clouds are VERY low!

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If you scroll down to another monday, you will be able to see the clouds are covering pretty much everything.
I feel obligated to provide some edification for the ignorant Sugar Pixie. No, everything west of the Mississippi is NOT flat. Ahem, we had the 2002 Winter Olympics here in Utah! AND, our state's motto is the Greatest Snow on Earth. The mountain you see from my window every Monday is part of the Rocky Mountains. We have 3 ski resorts within about a half hour drive of our apartment, and way more than that if you are willing to drive an hour or so. We are a desert, which is why the snow is so great here. As the clouds move over the deserty areas of Utah, the moisture just gets sucked right out. Leaving nothing but a wonderful skiing powder to fall upon the mountains and valleys with abundance every winter. If you are dying for more info, here ya go!
Wasatch Mountains
So, public service announcement over, I will share with you the short drive I took to share my beautiful mountains with you. I drove straight east from our apartment for 2 and half miles and here is the treasure at the end of the black top. Enjoy!
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The leaves are changing color and everything looks so beautiful and fresh after the rainfall.

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I suppose there are much uglier places to live than Utah.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Jenny said...

OMG It's beautiful!

Granny said...

They don't seem to teach geography in the schools. I had to explain to my granddaughter (the year of the Olympics) that Utah was a state.

She couldn't find Canada either.


Priscilla Pseudonym said...

EEEEEK! Someone stole the mountains!!!

These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Look at all that color! Makes me want to go out to the Barrens with a camera and capture some nature.

Pixie's been devilish again! She's been on vacation to her uncle's house in Denver, so she knows the Rocky Mountains. And geology. And Olympics. Bad, Pixie, BAD!

What we don't know too much about is DRY snow. Being so close to the Atlantic Ocean, our snow is usually wet and heavy. We have ski resorts here and to the north and west of us, but even there they sometimes have to manufacture their snow.

More pix, more pix, more pix!!!