Friday, December 08, 2006

Feeling Shy

Hey my Bloggity darlin's. I am feeling a wee bit weird right now about posting. I thoguht for a long time before I did that last post, then I did it and now I feel, um, rather sheepish, a bit embarrassed, and more than a little vulnerable. I guess that is why I dreamt last night that people saw me naked, because you did, my heart and soul.
Posting is a weird thing in terms of relationships, because you get to choose what you show people. About your life, about yourself. And until right now I hadn't realized that was one of the big draws for me, was choosing what you saw. And for the most part, what I say on here is the same stuff my closer friends know. But my friends in "real life" also get the bigger picture, because they get to see the uglier side of my life and the whole me.
What I told you yesterday is some of my deepest fears, even the stuff I won't admit to myself because it scares me so very much.
And yet, how kind you were to my naked, scared self. Thank you. And that is that, because if I go on, I will cry and I hate to cry.
Instead, let us end with something very cute!
Cuteness shields raised? (excuse the messy living room, it was picked up before my grand daughter arrived! She manages, as most small children do, to undo quicker than I can do!)

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Hawaiian Roller Coaster from Lilo and Stitch is one of Little Man's favorite songs and he and the Pea were just so darn cute dancing.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Jenny said...

That was very cute

elizasmom said...

Awww. Well, you know I love the dancing kiddos!! So cute, with her twirling, and his little finger dance.

Manuela said...

Very cute, indeed.

But honey... what did you write yesterday that left you feeling vulnerable... I'm confused... your Doctor is an ass and you are worried about your child... did I miss something?