Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ups and Downs

I am trying to figure out where to start this so it is coherent and understandable for my bloggy readers.
Okay, we shall start with Thursday and the prescribing of the medication Periactin. Periactin if you go and read, can be used to increase appetite, which is great. After having a visit with Little Man's psychiatrist yesterday, we also found out it is a Serotonin antagonist which for Little Man turns out to be very, very bad. If you don't know what mania is, you are welcome to come borrow Little Man for a few days while he comes down from this drug induced insanity. He is WILD! Bouncing off the walls crazy. He didn't sleep last night and he is belligerent and a bit violent. Uh,yeah, no more Periactin.
The good news? His weight loss has turned around a bit, he is up 2 pounds, so that gives us some room to breathe.
Fun, fun fun in the Tangled House today. Poor Bald Man, he is so tired, since he was the chosen one to stay up with Little Man last night.
Smootches to all of you and I hope your holiday prep is going better than mine.

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Jane said...

Oohh, it sounds like you are having a time. Prayers for you all, especially Little Man. I hope the med washes out of his system soon.

Lew went to visit Toots at S-- Center this afternoon--Noodles and I stayed near home and ran errands. Problem is, since Noodles is under 12 he is not allowed to visit her there. We don't have family in the area to leave him with, and babysitters start to get expensive. We will work it out somehow.

Have a little holiday blogging love.