Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Christmas Present for You

Here are the Christmas presents I am giving to you. If you don't celebrate Christmas, (I know I have an international following, know that I still am gifting you with these things at this time of year)
Laughter. You will laugh and feel the release and joy of a good laugh.
Love. You will reminded in the next couple of days, that you are loved, not by just one person, but many hold you in their hearts and care for you.
Gratitude. You will be able to be thankful for gifts, both material and those not able to be held in your hands.
Peace on Earth and Good will to all men and I mean it with all my heart. My bloggy buddies have become an intregal part of my life and I am thankful for each and every one of you. Happy Holidays.
Your Jo

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elizasmom said...

Right back atcha! Merry Merry!
And I hope that some of that goodwill rubs off on the medical and school personnel you've had to deal with lately, too.