Monday, December 04, 2006

Mondays Are My Favorite

While many people decry mondays as the worst day of the week, I am of the opposite opinion. Of course my love of mondays could be compared to the idiom of the hammer.
Don't ya love hitting yourself in the head with a hammer? It feels soooo good when you stop. And there ya go. Mondays rock because they are NOT the weekend.
Weekends are crazy, weekends involve a great deal of dealing with Little Man and all his various insanities, weekends are work. Mondays are on the other hand, a tremendous relief. Yay!
First, A chilly but beautiful Mountain Monday picture. The snow deepens.

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It took winter a while to arrive, but when it did, oohhh boy, it got cold, and fast! It was in the 60's for Thanksgiving and down in the teens for the day after. The highs have been in the mid twenties lately, or even the low twenties. I have been spending a great deal of time wrapped up in blankets.
The update at the Casa Tangled for my Bloggy Buttercups.
Still no van for me. Bald Man will pick up the new tranny this afternoon and put it in tomorrow. Christmas shopping is calling my name, so I am anxious to get at it. One of the benefits to being home is getting my shopping done during the week, early in the day, before it gets crazy!
Ah, a funny from the work van fire.
Bald Man was driving, wondering where the smoke was coming from. Tank and Oldest Son were both in the van too. A person drives up next to them, frantically gesturing and pointing at the van. Bald Man rolls down his window and the other driver yells, "you are on fire!" Bald Man and sons pull over and attempt to put out the fire on the transmission. They were not having a lot of luck and decided to call the fire dept. Oldest Son looks at Tank and says, "What is the phone number for the fire dept?" Tank yells at him, "It's a fire, dude! Call 911!!!"
Pygmy Child and Brown Boy have decided she is flying to move to Florida and thereby avoiding a long road trip for her and me. Sadly, that means no road trip for her and me. I am a bit saddened, I was looking forward to it. A bit relieved too, because it was mighty close to Christmas. Why the child couldn't wait til after Christmas is beyond me, but you know kids, you will probably never really understand why they do what they do.
One last funny from Little Man. He was mightly upset to find out Pygmy Child was marrying Brown Boy. He told her she was supposed to marry him! It was very cute. I don't know what he is doing to do without her when she moves in a few weeks.
Hopefully this good Monday is a harbringer of good things to come this week, both for me and for you, my Bloggy Dearests!

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

Granny said...

Hello. I love your descriptions of the weather but have no wish to experience it firsthand. For that I could have stayed in New York.

We're hovering around freezing at night but the days aren't bad at all so far.

Melissa said...

Your mountain pictures always make me smile.
Then they make me wonder why I live in a state where the tallest things on the landscape are the cow patties.