Friday, December 29, 2006

Up In Smoke

I suppose I should be more grateful that nothing terrible happened, but honestly I am just so heartsick at what is lost, I don't have any room for gratitude right now.
Checklist of GONE:
1.My new sheets. They were over 90$, high thread count and were the nicest sheets we have ever owned. I have had them less than a month.

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2.Our mattress, fairly old, but in good shape still and we just don't have the many dollars it would cost to replace it.
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3. King Size Comforter, less than a year old
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What caused it? My reading light that I have been refusing to use until Bald Man put it on the wall, because I thought it got WAY too hot to use reading in bed.

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The culprit?
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My innocent boy who is so clueless as to what happened. There is nothing to even say to him. He can't understand why this light was so much more dangerous than the other lamps on our house. Disaster is just one step away and he really needs to be watched very closely.
Little Man turned on the lamp, left it on the bed and then went into another room. Bald Man caught it before it actually erupted into flames, which is the ONLY bit of good news in this fiasco. A HUGE piece of good news, but as I said, I am having a hard time being grateful. I am just utterly aware we don't have the money to replace those things and heartsick over it. Poof.

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baggage said...

I am so sorry.

Manuela said...

Oh, Jo, sweet Jo! I'm so incredibly sorry but so unbeleivably grateful that the damage wasn't more extensive. The first house I ever purchasee was gutted by fire, just four years ago, and I'm so glad you didn't end up facing the same mess!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo sorry!! That is horrible. I would feel the same way as you. But I am glad that it was caught before anything else burned

Granny said...

It's cold comfort to hear that it could be so much worse when right now it doesn't seem that way.

But it could be.

Things can be replaced; people can't. I'm grateful you're all okay and so sorry it happened on top of everything else you've had to deal with.


Priscilla Pseudonym said...

I would be torn between wanting to banish Little Man to the "Thinking Corner" and wanting to hug him severely for not getting hurt by the lamp. Does it use a halogen bulb? I've heard those bulbs can be very dangerous.

I guess God knows what we need, and He didn't feel you needed this bedding!!! Now, what is it you do need?

Manuela said...

Jo, was your bed king-size?? Send me an email and let me know!

TeamWinks said...

I'm sorry. I guess the silver lining is that everybody is ok.

elizasmom said...

Oh no!!!
How awful — I am so glad to read that nobody was hurt, but boy, what a bummer about the things you lost. It has been a trying year for you and I am personally sending some "quit giving Jo a hard time" vibes your way...

Jane said...

Ohhhh...I am so sorry.....Even when a person can say to herself, "Oh, it's just a material object, nobody was hurt and that's the important thing", it still hurts like fury when it was an object you really loved and that gave you enjoyment.

Sugar Pixie said...

It makes it so much worse that you couldn't replace it if you wanted to. And you can't even scold the boy.

All it takes is a second, right? I hope those repite hours come through soon so you can have a second or two to relax.