Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Reminder!

Don't forget! Tomorrow is Fix-it Friday! So far we have learned how to cook and make helicopters, we have been awestruck and edified and last but not least, entertained.
There are TWO, yes TWO ways you can participate. You can think of something you enjoy doing, and if you don't feel like putting up directions on how to do it, find a website that shows it instead, talk about easy. Or you can just put a post on something you would like to learn, or a website that inspires you. Drop me a line in the comments, or an email, lakotajo2 at msn dot com and I will put you up front and center on my blog on Friday. Friday counts too, I check fairly often, so if you put something up, I should have it up sometime that day.
The other and probably MOST important way of participating is to stop by the links and give some proper internet lurve and appreciation for the participants of Fix-it Friday. So put your thinking caps on, I know you know how to do something! Shop? Eat? Make/cook/craft something? The welcome mat is out and feel free to come in, sit down with a cup of warm cocoa or wassail and share your talents!

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

elizasmom said...

Mine's sort of a rerun, but I'm in!

Katie said...

Mine has just gone up, another free pattern this week, though not one of my own design!