Friday, April 04, 2008

Birthday Fix-It Friday!

It is my birthday. I swear I have no idea where the years went, but for heaven's sake I am 47! Yikes that just sounds rather old. (Apologies to any out there who are older) I am so far, having a wonderful day. Most of my kids remembered it was my birthday, my forgetful but loving hubby remembered and reminded Little Man. I have gotten quite a few phone calls with happy wishes, a gift from my visting teacher and best of all, a sushi lunch with my beloved friend, Drama Mama. She is really busy and we rarely get any time to spend with each other, so two hours with Drama Mama is a gift indeed. Add a nice lunch as part of the present, and so far, my birthday just rocks! Thanks Drama Mama!
And now, on to Fix it Friday!
First off, we have not only our cutest and favoritest sous chef, Eliza!, but we also have Eliza's grand mother making an appearance for Fix it Friday. We feel quite honored. Go on over, and enjoy the cute, cute pictures AND the delicious recipe.

Fix-it Friday

Inspired by Eliza's Mom, while I was making dinner one night this week, I decided I might as well take pictures and share this for my Fix-it Friday!
Here ya go. Homemade Egg Noodles. For me, it seems just a wee bit silly to share this, because they are beyond simple and easy, but I forgot, not everyone knows how to make them or how incredibly easy they are. My kids would all keel over dead from the heresy of storebought noodles in my homemade soup. They adore these fat, chewly noodles. So, for your pleasure and enjoyment: Noodles.
First, ingredients. (You are going to die)




That is all. Salt if you insist, but I don't put salt in mine.
2 eggs for every cup of flour. 2 cups of flour is more than enough to make A LOT of noodles. I kinda forgot. I used 3 cups of flour. It made too many noodles. I threw dough out. I would feel more guilty if it hadn't only wasted like 30 cents.

Mix. Dump out on whatever floured, large surface you will be rolling and cutting on.


Knead it all together. You want it mostly not sticky, just a little sticky. Or not, whatever floats your boat. Don't worry if it doesn't turn out, it is an inexpensive experiment, and quick, so you can whip up another batch if it totally sucks.


Mixing just a bit more:


Flour your rolling pin and roll it out.


I roll it and flip it when it is smaller so it doesn't stick.
Roll it out as thin as you can. The noodles get fat when they cook. My hand is there so you can see how very big it got rolled out. (3 cups of flour. Don't do that unless you are making literally gallons of soup)


Cut the strips very thin. They get fat, don't forget.


By this time they are sort of stuck to the surface, so I use a sharp knife to help me peel them up.



You can make them as short or as long as you wish. I then flip them over my hand and take them to the boiling pot of soup. They only take a few minutes to cook, so leave this til the last.

Peel them off one by one and drop them in the boiling stock.

Tada! Yummy soup! With fat, chewy noodles. Easy peasy, no?


If I did a horrible job explaining this, feel free to leave a question and I will do my best to explain it better! Happy Chicken souping to all and to all a good night!

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Torina said...

So awesome! thanks for the easy as pie recipe! I linked to it on my blog.

K J and the kids said...

Happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday.
Happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday.
Happy happy happy (this is where everyone tells me to shut up)

Hope you have a great day and weekend !

Yondalla said...

Very cool.

Yondalla said...


Happy Birthday!

Jessica G. said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Jo, dear!
Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had a wish then it would be...
That you would invite me next time you go out for a fun lunch. :)

Glad you had a happy one!

Linda up north said...

Hey! Happy Birthday and thanks for the easy peasy recipe :)

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to you
(cha, cha, cha)
Happy birthday to you
(cha, cha, cha)
If you go to lunch with Jessica
(cha, cha, cha)
Please invite me too!
(cha, cha, cha)

I think I will need to try those noodles with my kids. They would love them
Have you ever tried using wheat flour?

Amber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (Can you hear the shouting?) I've never made noodles- I should try one of these times..

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!

Sheri said...

I make similar chicken and dumplins. I make double the dough and freeze some for a craving. It thaws out well and tastes just as good...

Luann DeGroot said...

You can also make ravioli this way. Once your dough is rolled out, put bits of cheese on half the dough, and then fold over the other half to cover the cheese. Then you press down the areas between the bits so they are stuck together. I think you're supposed to use a pastry wheel to cut the ravioli squares, to get the crimped edges, but I don't have one, so I just use a pizza cutter. Homemade cheese ravioli, and everybody thinks you're a brilliant Italian cook - don't tell them how easy it is. : )