Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on the Dr. Visit

I have been so excited about this appointment with Dr. Ruby. I couldn't wait to show her the new and improved Little Man.
I was NOT disappointed. She could not get over how much better he is doing on every level!
He has gained 10 lbs. Grown 2 inches! His mood is better, his seizures, (for the most part, really!) are better and he is sleeping better.
While he is still foul sometimes, and oppositional sometimes, he smiles and laughs every single day.
He had that grand mal seizure, but he isn't seizing little seizures every night like he was pre g tube.
He still wakes up every night, but he is more likely to fall asleep again quickly. AND the best part, is pre g, we were getting a least 2-5 nights a month where he was up for most of the night. We are getting less than 2 now. wow.
All because of his g tube.
Imagine that. Starving for more than a year can affect you both emotionally and physically. Who woulda thunk it?
She said, over and over, I can't believe how well he is doing. Listening, making better choices. She was wildly impressed.
And me? Well, actually, I was sad. Teary eyed and broken hearted that my poor little guy suffered for such a long time. I can say, I didn't know it was affecting him like that. I knew he was eating less than 500 calories a day. I told the doctors that. They knew. But he wasn't losing weight fast enough for them to get alarmed. It wasn't until a very long year passed and they noted he was falling off the growth chart, that they felt they needed to do something. Dr. Ruby said as much today, that they didn't know, because his weight wasn't in a dangerous place. But still, it is a hard thing for a mama to handle. Knowing your child was basically starving is horrible bit to have to accept. I knew all this before I walked in the room. A part of me thinks I am just dumb to be upset about this today. The other part of me just wants to curl myself around my heart protectively and tell me I did the best I could and it is okay to be sad about something so awful. The other part of me is just so filled with joy that my Little Man is doing so well. Half of me is cheering and turning cartwheels, the other half? She is crying.

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Yondalla said...

This is me hugging you telling you did the best you could and it is okay to be sad about something so awful.


And this is me being happy with you that he is doing so well


K J and the kids said...

Hearing this story makes me question all of those families that we judged, who had foster kids that weren't thriving and were extremely skinny when removed. Given medical care and gained weight within a month or so of leaving the home so everyone assumes that the parents were abusive.
Maybe they didn't have the knowledge or know how that you do. Maybe they just weren't very attentive. Maybe they just didn't know.

Either way, that little man is alive and ONLY because of his wonderfully smart, aggressive, attentive and loving mom Jo.

Katie said...

When you put it all in one place like that it is amazing.

Amber said...

Poor kiddo and poor mommy! I'm glad he's got the tube now though.

Gawdess said...

I am crying with you.
We do everything we can and we push to do more and sometimes we are still not able to cover everything.
You are a good Mama.
A very good Mama.
He is a great boy.
And a nourished boy!!!!

Katherine said...

Yay Little Man! Sounds like everyone is doing better.

It's amazing how fast they can grow when they are getting proper nutrition. When my little guy was much younger, he stopped growing (for reasons the drs never did figure out). With an ng-tube, he grew 2 inches in 2 months! I knew he wasn't growing as he should, but I didn't think they could grow that fast.

I understand the conflicted feelings.

I hope the sleeping continues to improve.

FosterAbba said...

You have done the best you can. And really, in the end you have to go with what the doctors recommend.

Feel a hug!

Jenny said...

Big Hugs. You have a good heart Jo. This I know.