Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Year of Posts!

This is my 365th post. Wow! If you average it out, it is a post every other day for the last two years. Guess I am not at a loss for words.
I had a whole different post planned out. But I just can't stand it and I gotta share!
I am applying for a part time job! It is for a company where I would have lots of room to move up in the company if I wish to do so. This job allows me to set my own hours and days to work. Which I need badly with Little Man's issues. It is job where my people skills are a major part of my job specs. It is with a company I believe in and where I feel they are doing a great job and a providing an incredible service to people. I would say more, but heck, I don't need to shoot myself in the foot "dooce-wise" so that is all I am going to say about the company.
But on my end, I could do some traveling, which is VERY exciting! Bald Man's job as handyman also has him with a very flexible schedule so we can work it out for the most part. I really, really enjoy learning new things and meeting new people. No! I know you are saying, no, not Jo, she wouldn't enjoy that a bit! But yes, it is true. I love to smile and laugh and I am not the least bit shy. Ask anyone!
Send good thoughts and prayers for they are going over my resume and calling my references!
I must admit it is quite an ego massage to be doing this. I have already gotten such nice comments back from my reference people, I am like a puppy wagging my tail in pleasure. We all need times like these, don't ya think?
I am off to wag my tail some more.

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FosterAbba said...

Happy 365th!

As for the part-time job, I hope it works out the way you want. Working can be so tough when you have high-needs kids. I know we struggle sometimes with our kid, and we are fortunate enough to work at home running our own business. Even so, we often find that kid stuff crashes into work stuff, and it makes life really hard.

Good luck and congratulations!

K J and the kids said...

I want to know....what field ?
Will this be in ?
Do tell :)

Good luck. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Torina said...

Good luck Jo! I hope you are THE ONE they choose!


elizasmom said...

Wow, congratulations! On the post, AND on the job. That sounds like a perfect job set-up for your life. And travel! Who doesn't love travel! Wooo!

Amber said...

yay for 365! Good luck on the job- I hope it pans out for you.

Sue said...

Jo, I have been so remiss - Happy 365th and Happy Birthday and Happy two year blog-a-versary. Congratulations. (P.S. I suck, and I'm sorry. Its just been nuts around here.) I hope they were all wonderful.

The job sounds wonderful, and I hope you get it. I totally believe that you are friendly and outgoing. Thoughts and prayers headed your way.

bon said...

You are TOTALLY a people person! This is right down you alley and I so hope you get this!

Jill said...

Good for you Jo! Good luck with the job.

Congrats on your 365th!

Katie said...

Congratulations. I have no idea how you do it, I've had my blog for pretty much 2 years as well, and I've not even managed 200 posts!
Good luck on the job.
PS. My fix-it-friday post just went up.