Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sorry for the Silence

I really was planning a Weds post, but Little Man woke up with a cold and stayed home yesterday. That should tell you everything! What is worse is the Pea was home yesterday too and her and Little Man got along like cats and dogs. I finally piled the boy in the car and took him to the movies to see Nim's Island just for some peace and quiet!
Today the boy has an appointment with his psychiatrist, Dr Ruby, (because she is a GEM!) and I can't wait to show her how well he is doing. But that also means a LONG trip to the Large City, (an hour each way) and well, you know. yah... Thank goodness for portable DVD players!
Anyway, don't forget, tomorrow is Fix-it Friday, so be thinking about what wonderful thing you have to share with others. An idea, a craft, a website, anything you want to share! Drop me an email or leave a comment and not only will I visit your blog, but I will give you some linky love and others will drop by too!

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K J and the kids said...

How great that he will sit through a movie. mmmm and popcorn.

I hope things go well on your long trip to the city :)