Friday, June 27, 2008

Back Home Again

Deb from Postcards from the Edge did a Fix-it Friday post so I wanted to make sure she got a linky. She is funny. Go read it.

We survived. Well, Little Man survived. I am feeling a wee bit weak and overused. The nurse asked me if I needed anything. I asked her for a valium, but she didn't give me one. The boy? He ate two bites of popsicle and they decided that was enough. So they sprung us. Getting out was a bit of a circus, since Little Man had to pee and he refused to use the toilet and instead insisted on a urinal, which he then proceeded to insist he had to take home. They got a wheelchair, but he decided he wanted a wagon. I had told him he couldn't have McDonalds unless he drank his gatorade. So he drank it on the way home so he could go to Micky D's. We hit the rush hour traffic as I predicted and he was really good in the car watching his movies until he dropped a french fry and was shrieking at me to get it for him. Did I mention it was rush hour? Yeah, that part was really unpleasant. He was screaming that he wanted his french fry and I was screaming back, "be quiet! I can't get it, I am driving, you need to wait til we get home!" And he in turn would scream for his fry and we continued back and forth like this for the last 30 minutes of the drive. He is currently being entertained by Bald Man, but I expect the screamage to commence again at any point. Oldest Son called and asked for us to babysit. I just gasped weakly for a minute and then said no, maybe another day. He had forgotten that Little Man had surgery today. He remembers now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

bon said...

Gadzooks woman! Have a stiff cocktail and hit the sack! Or wait... Mormon, yeah. Just go to bed.

Deb said...

why did she ask you if you needed something for if she wasnt gonna give you what you asked for? i dont get it! thanks for giving me a shout out - by the way - it didnt help me. he still has NOT installed the freakin garbage disposal

Jill said...

Rush hour is bad enough without extra distractions.
So, did you ever get him the french fry?

That was mean of the nurse to not give you a valium.

Jo said...

And yes, when we got home, I opened the van door and the french fry dropped on the ground. I picked it up without even looking at it and just handed it to him. He ate it, and I didn't care a bit.