Monday, June 09, 2008

Mountain Monday And I Have Given Up on Spring and Summer

I don't think Spring or Summer will ever actually arrive. This has been the world's longest winter! I swear! What happened to global warming? It just can't seem to get and stay warm here. I give up. Really.
But that doesn't stop the mountains from being totally awesome.
The other night, it was sunset and the mountains were all PINK! I had to run out and take pictures just for you. They came out kind of blurry cause the light was dim, but you get the idea. Pink mountains, who woulda thunk it?



And now, today's beautiful pictures, taken by Oldest Son who has some aspirations in photography, with good reason, you will see.




Even though it doesn't feel like Spring is really here, the mountains and flowers think it is. So I guess it is okay.
Now! For the weeks top picks of pics!

Grand daughter June Bug who will be 1 year old this next week!

Grand daughter Pea:

She said she was a Ki-ger (tiger)

She took a bike ride with Pop pop

She will NOT leave the house right now without her sunglasses:


I took my bird, Meeko for a walk:


I wanted to show you how pretty pinky-orange her feathers under her crest are:

The Pea is currently puking and running a fever. I am just praying Little Man doesn't get it. Oh, by the way. He started his summer program last week and life got immediately better. I talked to his summer program director today and she just went on and on about how much healthier he is this year. It did my mommy heart good. He is looking good. Work is going well, learning, doing stuff. I LOVE setting my own hours and working from home doesn't seem to be a problem. Although I did stay up until 11:30 last night to make sure my reports were in on time this morning. Hee, hee. My procrastinating self LOVES it.
P.S. Please take the personality test and tell me about it. I want to know! Pretty please???

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K J and the kids said...

It was 80 degrees can you give up !
Glad that things are going good at Summer School.
I can't believe that baby is going to be one.

I think it's so nice that you take your bird for a walk. :)

PeWee said...

The mountains are gorgeous!! Makes me miss Alaska sooo much!

If I had sunglasses like that I wouldn't leave home without them either!

Holly said...

Love the pink mountains. One of these Monday's I'm going to see Julie Andrew's spinning her way through those "hills" In fact, I'd like to see them "come alive!"

Hey, maybe then spring/summer would come!

Ambitious Blonde said...

The humid weather we've had lately might make you rethink wanting summer to come. My hair has magically transformed into a Chia pet from all the humidity. I fear it may be slowly evolving into its own life form.

Also, Pea totally OWNS those sunglasses. :)

Azul said...

Holy Carpal Tunnel, Batman! That was a long test.

I'm an INFJ, which is scarily accurate.

Amber said...

We went for a drive up a nearby canyon on Saturday night and there was still snow!! Ugg. I'm ready for summer too. Maybe we'll just swing straight into fall in a couple months.

Deb said...

I took the test and I will post my results on my next post - although I havent looked a them yet so I have no clue what is said.

Those pics of the grandbabies are priceless. I miss that :(

Your boy does take some nice pics - thoses mountains are gorgeous.

Oh, and the pink mountains...I saw pink elephants once (heeheehee)

FosterAbba said...

What great pictures! I especially liked the pictures of Meeko walking on the grass. I take it that you've clipped her again, since she was outside without a leash.

Chicken is still flying and getting into more trouble than I can imagine, but we love watching her fly just the same.

Mongoose said...

Well break-up was at least two weeks late for us and it hasn't been a warm spring at all either. So it's not just you.

As for the test, I've taken a million Myers-Briggs tests over the years, I'm INFJ but I'm pretty borderline on the N and F.