Monday, June 30, 2008

It Might Be Dark, But It Is Still Monday!

First, thank you for your kindness in my mini breakdown earlier. I am moving back to gratitude, but getting there was tough. Hugs to all my beloved bloggies.
The mountains are looking mighty beautiful!





This next picture is of post op recovery at Sick Kids R Us.


See that red part? That skinny part next to Little Man? Uh, yeah, he INSISTED that I shove my chubby self in that slot. Sigh.


He was perfectly happy having me that close. I think he would be happiest if we just grafted him onto my side.

We went to a wedding reception last week. I caught the Pea in the hall, doing the potty dance!

I love this next one, all blurry, it shows how hard it is to catch this kid, she is ALWAYS in motion.


This is her with her "you caught me being naughty" face!

I succeeded in catching her twirling.

This double bum pic is a good segue into my other cuteness!



And that my friends is most of my last week or so. Hope you enjoyed it, it is nice to have someone to share the things I enjoy. Thanks again for your kindness.

8 Kids Who Want To Play:

Maggie said...

The pics of Little Man make me say Awww. Poor little guy all tucked in a hospital bed.

The potty dance picture couldn't be more perfect. She has that panicked "oh no! Someone find me a bathroom!" look.

Deb said...

I always look forward to your pics. I just wish I could get a aqueeze cause they are sll so sweet. I think Little Man likes you - just a little bit ;)
*sigh* I miss my princess more.

K J and the kids said...

Look at you...bringing your own pillows to lay on ! :)

How great to catch that potty picture. OH how I'd love to scrapbook that picture !

Jessica G. said...

Seriously, the pee pee dance picture? Quite priceless! I suggest you submit it to the Smithsonian for their American Life exhibit.

Jenny said...

That was some super extra cuteness right there. Thanks you for sharing.

elizasmom said...

I am glad you have all that sweetness and love and cuteness to balance out the heartbreaks you have to deal with too. And the Potty Dance picture made me laugh, because we see it a lot around here lately, too!

Holly said...

LOVE the potty dance picture. You've GOT to send that in somewhere.

As far as the small sliver of an area Little Man allowed you. Bravo for squeezing in! What a good Mommy you are.

PeWee said...

The potty dance is pricelss!