Thursday, June 19, 2008

Post Number 400!

Happy 400th post to us, happy 400th post to us! Happy 400th, happy 400th, happy 400th post to us! And many more!
Wow! Who ever knew I had so much to say? Ha ha, that was a joke. It just seems like such a big number and some of you have been along for the ride the whole way! Hugs and kisses to all of you.

Stupid Gatorade company. I think they are not making this particular type of sports bottle gatorade anymore because I am having a tough time finding them:

Let me tell you why discontinuing this particular bottle is a problem.
1. Little Man is on a medication where getting dehydrated even a little is life threatening. We don't worry about it much because he is always thirsty and even while he isn't a good eater, he is a great drinker. He drinks water and Gatorade, and when the weather gets warm, he drinks more.
2.He is used to these bottles.
3.He prefers these bottles.
And while I understand the whole plastic is not good thing, I won't send a different kind of metal bottle with him, because he won't use it and we couldn't afford to replace it if it got lost too many times.
Stupid Gatorade! Don't they know the hell that is yawning before us if we can't find these bottles? We re use them until they are unusable. I went to THREE different stores before I found some. I bought 20! We are good for this summer. I refuse to think about next summer.
Don't forget, tomorrow is Fix-it Friday and boy oh boy do I have something in store for you! If you wish to participate in some way, a linky, an idea, a craft, a recipe, anything you think is valuable, please drop me an email (lakotajo2 at msn dot com) or a comment and I will be sure to link to you!

6 Kids Who Want To Play:

Yondalla said...

The sort of gum that I like was being discontinued and I asked the store to order me a box of it. They did. It wasn't cheap, but I figured I needed to wean myself off of it. So maybe you can get your grocery store to order some.

Or you might try writing directly to the company.

Yondalla said...

Oh...happy 400th post!

K J and the kids said...

Now that I think about it.....I too loved those bottles.
Good luck in finding them. I'm certain they are around here some where.

Jessica G. said...

Happy Posts! Wow, 400? That's a lot of opinions for such a little lady! :)

PeWee said...

400th post! Congratulations!

Meek loves Campbells Pepper Pot soup, we had to have the store order a case for him. Then we wrote to Campbells and they sent coupons for free soup!

I bet if you write a letter to Gatorade explaining Little Man's preference they will send you some coupons for free ones!

elizasmom said...

Congratulations! Good luck with your bottle stockpile. I hate it when stores do that, discontinuing a perfectly good product that is essential to the non-screaminess of your child for no good reason!