Friday, June 27, 2008

Fix-it Friday Has Been Hijacked

by real life. Little Man has dental surgery and that leaves me with very little down time this morning, or today at all.
On the eating front. The last four days he has eaten breakfast every day. Two days he skipped lunch, including yesterday and last night he refused any dinner. Sigh.
I cried a little bit, even though I had told myself the very fact he is proving he is capable of eating is all good news, and it is.
So last night, he got hooked up to his tube for a feeding. He hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and we could only let him "eat" until midnight. And since he hadn't received anything nourishing since his breakfast of sausage and cantalope, it seemed like a good policy to get something into his gut to try to get him ready for today. So he got hooked up until midnight last night. It was only 400 calories, but it was way better than nothing and now if he is ultra cranky, (and he is) it isn't because he has gone 24 hours without any "food".
So yeah for today, there will be violence, foulness and vileness galore. Generally, after a surgery they wait until they are at a certain place in recovery before they call you back. I get the awesome honor of being called back earlier than the other parents because Little Man will be beside himself and they will want me to calm him down before he commits mayhem and bodily harm. I can hardly wait. I will keep you posted.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Yondalla said...

sorry sweetie. Remember, if you want to call me you can today and tomorrow.

You can try after that, but service may be spotty.

I'll be thinking about you both.

K J and the kids said...

Man it's always something with that poor kid.

Or is it...poor you.

Ok, poor everyone.

Deb said...

doesn't sound like very much fun for either of you.
hope ya'll make it through ok.

i did my first fix it friday today.