Monday, July 21, 2008

The Promised MM Post

Here ya go! It was nice today, it rained a bit this morning so it cleared out the smog that has been blurring the mountains the last week or so. AND, by the way, I didn't say it stunk where I live, and there aren't any brine flies by our house. BUT, not too many miles away is the Great Salt Lake and let me tell you, depending on the time of the year, there can be a great stench and the brine flies are so numerous, they are unbelievable. The flies can get so thick, they are like a living, moving carpet. One great big EWWW! Brine flies and stink. We just live NEAR the large body of water that provides the smell and all the sea monkeys you can buy. Time for the pics! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The Princess and I took the little kids to the bouncies near our home. A great time was had by all. Photobucket Photobucket

Hey Cousin, let me give you a hand! Photobucket

Check out the combined piggy tail and tongue action! Photobucket

I love this pic, because Little Man is laughing so hard with delight! Photobucket

We haven't taken the kids to do bounces in a few months. Both the Pea and Little Man are capable of doing much more physically this time than last time. The Pea, cause she is a normal sort of kid, growing and developing. Little Man on the other hand, my guess is he has improved his muscle mass with the intro of the feeding tube and the calories he needs to develop. He had a great time and played til he was so tired. I love seeing him so active and it makes me aware of what a blessing calories are. Yay!

Doesn't June Bug look great in yellow? Photobucket Photobucket

Isn't she darling? She is the cutest little walker you have ever seen!
And that wraps up this week's pictures and commentary. Hope your week is starting out well too!

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elizasmom said...

Oh good! I logged off yesterday before these were posted, they are making a nice morning pick-me-up.

a. I love the bounce house pics and that they are all sweaty and happy, the two of them. Good for Little Man!

b. Junebug is a cute baby anyway, but you are right, she looks especially lovely in yellow — that first pic is model-baby quality. And congrats to the little miss on her walking!

c. Sea monkeys come from the Great Salt Lake? Maaaan, you learn something new every day! (Also, ewww to the brine flies!)

Unknown said...

Again, love all the pics. They did look like they had a great time on the bounceys - it is so cool when you catch JUST THE RIGHT pic of them coming down or jumping. and you can just feel their excitement right through the picture. Love it! fave....has to be the vid. i will admit, this one did make me tear up. But I still loved it, I just imagined I was there grabbing Lorelai after her first walk. My heart is soo full.
As usual, thanks again for the pics. You can just email them to (heh) :)

Unknown said...

and when you get a chance come on over to my blog - theres something waiting for ya

K J and the kids said...

I bought sea monkeys online years ago (not as many as you'd think)
How funny !

Junebug looks good in any color.

Jenny said...

She is the cutest walker ever.

Seeing all the bouncy pics makes me a little jealous. They are so lucky to have each other for playmates.

We seek playmates out and borrow them and sometimes they are imaginary out of necessity.

So we of course see what a great thing it is to have family to bounce with.

You can tell them that next time they aren't playing nice... that there are children in IL starving for playmates - LOL!

Jillybean said...

I love to see the mountains all green and pretty.......... free of all that cold, white stuff.

A few days ago, my daughter was talking about how much fun it would be to go to a beach (remembering the last time we went to California)
She wondered why we never took them to the big lake to play on the beach and swim in the water.

Fun pictures of the kids, they're all so cute!

Sheri said...

Too freakin' cute!

I love bouncers! My best bargain ever was a bounce house I got for McCartney's 2nd birthday that I got on clearance at Target f or $40.

I swear we have used it more than anything else!

Anita said...

Awesome time at the bouncers! Thanks for the pics!

You mean sea horses are real?

Jessica G. said...

Love, love, LOVE the yellow dress pictures! Too cute.

I might have to take my hellions to our local bounce place's been a while.