Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Clearer Head

Funny, how when you are in shock, you don't even know you are. This morning I know I was in shock last night, kind of numb and thinking perhaps I should do nothing, I am sure in a effort to avoid having to deal with this at all.
This morning though, clearer head, and plans and feelings. Grief, for the boy who I have known so long, for his poor, poor mother and all she is going through. Anger for even having to deal with this at all, IT ISN'T FAIR!! I cry to the heavens, my poor Little Man has already been through so much. And even IF, if, if, if nothing "touched" my child, he has lost his best friend as he calls him. Sorrow, for me, for my boy, for our family. I cried this morning, feelings finally seeping through the cracks of my fortress of shock. Sweet emails from people who care, touching me, helping me remember what my head knows and what my heart doesn't. That we are not the world's worst parents, that we didn't intentionally put our beloved child in harms way, that it isn't our fault. And that it happens, in this sucky world, stuff like this happens.
Plans, to call the sheriffs office, to make sure it was "just" teenage girls, hopefully to take in a picture of Little Man and make sure his picture isn't on the internet anywhere. If I can't get anywhere with them today, I will be calling my mom (she is an attorney) and asking her what I need to do next. I will call his Disability Case worker and find out what resources they have for him. That for now, along with all my feelings is enough for the day. Thanks for the support, I really need it now. I need to hear your kindness because I have very little for myself right now.

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Granny said...

So many of us have been there.

Daylight (plus a good cry) usually makes everything a little more manageable.

I don't think anyone will come racing over to pass judgement. If they do, consider the source and ignore it.


ipodmomma said...

Jo, you are a good, loving mom, and had no idea of what was going on in this young man's life...

my love and prayers for peace and the way ahead to be made clear are send in waves... and so many (((HUGS))) too!!!

A thinker said...

Our support's with you. Please let us know how it goes.

Jenny said...

Hi Jo, here comes my ever so humble opinion (as usual).

In conjunction with everything else...

Ask the boy, ask him outright and point blank and look in his eyes and see what he says. He's not a monster, he's just a kid who was probably abused himself. Kids don't just invent these things in their heads - someone teaches them. If you've known him this long - I think you will get alot from what he says and how he says it. And don't hesitate to tell that young man how disapointed, betrayed and mad you are. It might help everyone.

Thinking of you today - Jenny

Gawdessness said...

I'm sorry.
This is hard.
Thinking of you.

achromic said...

I am ferverly hopeing that Little Man is .... not touched by any of this. I can say that usually those that are into teen girls are NOT into prepubsent boys..... but of course you need to know for sure.... of course. Oh.... hun..... I wish this kind of evil on no one. But more then likely he thought the girls wanted to do it... or something..... in his head that made it right to him. He is sick.... it is so sad. What is worse is there is no cure...... none that really work.... tho' perhaps.... MAYBE if it was just pornography type stuff of a certian type there is a better prognosises. Geez...... Big hugs your way.