Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Owlhaven's Challenge

Okay, here is my response to Owlhaven's challenge. We were asked to post 3 pictures that are reflections of who we are. Some of the spots I considered were the cobwebs in the corner, the spots on the carpet, the handprints on the wall, and my messy bookcases, but I decided while those things certainly make a commentary about me, it is not a pleasant one, nor who I would claim I am. I am NOT my messy house! So without further ado, are my 3 special spots that I think say the most about me.
Spot #1
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This is the top of the bookcase in my living room. On it sits some special things to me. A cottage that I made from polymer clay, two needle felted dolls, the smaller one was a gift from a dear friend, and the larger one I made, a native american baby doll, and a glass wolf from Oldest Son and Girlfriend for Christmas. The lamp is an antique from Bald Man's family, but I like it. Way in the back is a wedding pic of myself and Bald Man.
Spot #2
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I am imagining that you are asking, What are those? Are those binders? Why does Jo have a stack of these, and how in the heck can that be a reflection on anyone? My little pretties, here are your answers: Yup, those are binders, a whole BIG bunch of them. What they are is a binder for every college class I have taken in the last 3 1/2 years. What they mean is Phi Kappa Phi, Honors, Magna cum Laude, 4 semesters of 4.0, hours and hours of work, a bunch of scholarships, my door to grad school, and the fact, that brown or not, I am just as good as any white person and a good deal better than some! Honest, I really mean that. Ever heard of the "black tax"? (Having to work twice as hard just to prove yourself equal?) Well there is a brown tax too, and I paid it in those binders.
Spot #3
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This is my craft corner. My sewing machine is obvious, the stack of flannel next to it is a rag quilt I am making for the Pea, the plastic box has my sculpting stuff in it, my sewing box and my tool kit round out so many of the things I enjoy doing, rarely have time to do, but LOVE with all my heart. This stuff is soul food, people. The stuff that makes the sun shine even when it is raining outside and makes you feel like you are alive and doing what you were put on the earth to do.
And that is my response to my home reflecting who I am.
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6 Kids Who Want To Play:

owlhaven said...

This is great, Jo! Thanks for playing!

Mary, mom to many

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found you from your post to my blog! I am LDS too! You probably guessed that. I also have some Native American as well...only the nose shows it though. But I am proud of that nose, I tell ya! I'm Cherokee. Well thanks for lookin' at me!

txmommy said...

Thanks Jo, I'll try that. I liked your pictures! Good job on the binders, that's awesome!

achromic said...

Yes there most certianly is a tax..... I found that out the hard way when a friend of mine who was black and I who am white as bleach suger got hired for the same job. He did it better then me, he worked harder then me, he was a better employee then me all around. Want to know who they promoted and gave a raise to?? Want a guess? I cried that night while he carefully patted my sholders "its ok" he said " you take that job I will get the next one". And I just thought...... how can he say that?? why is he not as angry and mad as I am?? but then he knew about the tax all of his life... and I was niave and blind. Later when I dated him I found out white people aren't the only ones with prejudices....... unfortuantly his communty wanted to bring me harm just for likeing a really nice guy that happened to be a diffrent color then me. Later on I asked him to marry me (hehehe never one for convetional thinking) but he refused saying that I was still to innocent and that he was afraid that I would get hurt trying to change the world. I still miss him.

Sigh I love your blog. I am so glad you decide to come on!

ipodmomma said...

I know that crafty feeling... :))) it really makes me a happy camper...

and way good on you mate for those binders! our kids are growing up, I'd liek to think, in a world where those kinds of prejudices won't be a hindrance to them.

congrats to you for sticking it through...

Bonnie the Boss said...

I just watched someof the tutorials! So cool!