Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Weekend in 2 Parts, Sunday

I woke up tired on Sunday, I battled and battled with myself about whether or not to attend the Immigration Reform March in Salt Lake City. I finally decided that I could not excuse myself because I was tired. I really feel that the undocumented workers in Utah get the short shrift and that I was obligated to show my support. And honestly, I think a bunch of white people, (no offense intended!) who are ultimately all immigrants, need to be more sympathetic to those seeking the same dreams. Ya, Ya, if you disagree, post a comment and I will defend my position, I have given it a ton of thought.
So here we are marching up State Street to the Capitol, it was wall to wall people, amazing! Over 20 thousand. It was awe inspiring, really!
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Here is a couple who came with my favorite sign!
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And here I am, with my sign. Look closely, you can see that I am also wearing one of my eagle feathers:
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And that my peeps, was my weekend! I came home so hot and tired on Sunday, I could hardly move.

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achromic said...

hehehehe my spouse wears a tee shirt that says "homeland securty" and has the Native Americans in the background. Meaning that the ones who are always being imposed on are the Native americans. I like the sign about immegration starting in 1492. People don't realize..... they just don't. Open the boarders... other countries have open boarders with nonaggresive neighbors... and yes there would be problems but you know if we say ok you live in mexico here is your rights when you work in america then they wouldn't be abused they wouldn't be horribly treated. There would be a standard of care. AND once people saw that this is no magic land and you can be hungry here just like you can anywhere then the amount of people coming would probably be close to the same amount leaving. Sure there would be some problems but we have problems we always have problems.

ipodmomma said...

lovely pictures! Nice to see one of you... :))) If I had been in the US, a'marching I would have been... growing up where I did my elementary school was half Mexican, half white, and some of the Mexican kids were children of illegals. as a person concered with humanity as a whole, I really don't get this whole 'us v. them' thing... however as a person living in the 21st century with all the prejudices of hundreds of years in the past, unfortunately I see a pattern that has not changed in all those years... there always has to be someone getting pecked upon.

yummy looking fry bread! next opportunity I get to try it, I'll go with the sweet version, instead of the savory... (although it is funny with York puds and pudding as a sweet...)

A thinker said...

Those are great signs, including yours. Couldn't agree more.

Dream Mommy said...

I don't mind people coming here, if they do it legally, and pay taxes like the rest of us.

I have a problem when they don't want to learn English and try to make us change to cater to them.

My Korean exchange student is staying with us for a while, but she came here legally and learned English. If I moved to another country I would learn the language and try to fit in with the culture.