Monday, April 17, 2006

Keeping Promises

I promised last week that I would sort through some photos online so we, (we, as in you and me!)could decide on another picture for my profile. The current one has too much Pa-Pa and not enough Jo, I think. Here are some photos to decide from. And a couple, (well, one particularly) for a laugh or two at awkward teen-ness.
Here I am as a young-un.
This one is me in Kindergarten- I believe the youngest of the group of pictures. My mom made that dress, smocking and all.
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I had had long hair up until that year, when my mom did the pixie cut thing, right before we left Italy.
This I believe is me in 1st Grade.

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I hadn't lost any teeth yet, so I suppose this young might be me at four? Who knows?

This next one is 2nd or 3rd grade, once more, the date is a bit blurry.
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This next one is me as a VERY serious Brownie, I remember the setting of the picture well. My mom was gone to my grandfather's funeral, and I was staying with our next door neighbors. They had just bought me new sneakers and I was as proud as I could be!
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Okay, it is fine to laugh at the next picture, I thought I would include it just for the humor of it. I was a sophomore in High School. I had wanted my hair cut and my mom's friend did it for me. While I wanted it shorter, THIS was NOT what I had in mind. Add the ugly glasses, (all our insurance would pay for) and I was soooo dreadful looking. Poor me...
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And just to show you that awkward age didn't last forever, this is me just out of highschool, and I was a bridesmaid at my girlfriend's wedding. Whew, much improved, I think!
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So out of the first four, which one do you think I should use for my new profile picture?

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ipodmomma said...

I had long hair until I was two, then pixie cuts for a while...

what a beautiful bridesmaid! :)))

Granny said...

The yellow dress is the cutest but I'm drawn somehow to the Brownie.

A thinker said...

I like the first one--it's cute!

Anonymous said...

I LIKE THE LAST ONE! Very pretty.

Jenny said...

I like the awkward age pic. Oddly enough, those are close to the glasses I bought for myself recently and I like the hair cut. I think it looks tech-chic, and I totally would've been your friend based on that picture.

See my short hair and thick glasses here (trying to look like tech-chic/smart-mom):