Monday, September 18, 2006

Better than Diamonds and Pearls

Amazing! What a decent nights sleep will do for your mental health! I could use a couple more hours, but I just might take a nap later to fix that.
This morning:
...Little Man's hand continues to be swollen, but guess what? It isn't worse! Whoo hoo. So we will keep watching it.
...Little Man refused his formula again. Booooo! Day number 9. He ate about 200 calories yesterday. All I can say is Praise God that he had about 7 extra pounds on him, because I bet they are all gone now. We will see the doctor tomorrow and then we'll decide where to go from there. He looks good, so I am not terribly worried yet. I just know a crisis is looming on the horizon if this doesn't get handled.
.... Poop is a problem, he still isn't. But he is just now had his meds for not even 24 whole hours,so I shan't worry too much about that either.

And best of all??? I am sitting here in an MESSY, but empty apartment. Little Man is off to school in spite of his mighty protests, Bald Man is off to work. Quiet and sunshine reign supreme and Jo is breathing in deep! I have a new Steve Martini mystery I have just started, there is chocolate ice cream with hard shell if I so choose to indulge, and quiet, blessed, sweet, peaceful quiet. I have hours today to do as I wish. House work is NOT on that wish list.
I do not know what Little Man's health will bring over the next few days, we are far from out of the woods, but you know what? Right here, right now, these next few hours are mine and I am holding them nestled close to my bosom and cherishing them for the treasure they are.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Beth PFLAGfostermom said...

Thanks for the tuna fish idea. I like it!

Klynn said...

MMMMmmmm. Chocolate ice cream.

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Is there any way to get mineral oil into L.M.? Or does the lubrication not work without proper motility? I guess you've done everything possible at this point and will just wait with hopefulness.

Glad you're taking some time for yourself--lifting that mountain up a couple of inches and sticking one leg out into the sunshine! Hmmmmm...come to think of it, there's a half gallon of rum raisin in my freezer right as we speak! Excuse me! Gotta run! *hugs*

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