Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Smidgen of Improvement

We got more sleep than I thought we would last night. I am who is this kid in this bed and what have they done with my son? The kid laying there limply is NOT my child. Good news, he can swallow again, with difficulty, but still! Ya gotta take the good news where you can. They are going to hold off on the MRI for now, they found one from 3 years ago and unless he doesn't improve at all, they are just going to wait it out.
Do you know how much I love you? I came and updated BEFORE I ate breakfast. I did put my bra on before the docs came in, for fear that the sight of boobs hanging to a ladies knees would scare them to death. Or what would be more likely is that instead of paying attention to my son, they would be stealing sneaky glances at me, wondering, Oh my gosh, are those really that ladie's boobs? Naw, there is no way those lumps by her knees are breasts, is there??? And then the group would leave and discuss it in hushed tones in the hallway.
Oh and by the way?? When the heck did they start a doctor's program in high school? So that just graduated seniors are parading down the hallways and pretending to be grown ups? Is this a reality show, where they are waiting for me to say, hey, could you get someone who wasn't born less than 2 decades ago in my son's room? YOUNG, very YOUNG.
Or maybe I am just old, very old...sigh.
Thanks for the comments, prayers and good thoughts. They mean the world.

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

L. said...

Wow -- usually if I don`t read someone`s blog every day, it`s no big deal to catch up. But I guess yours is one of those "changes like the weather" blogs!

I last read on your "looking better" day, and now see that you`ve had a spate of "truly bad" days since.

I don`t know what to say, except, hang in there, and hope you get a nice long run of "looking better" days!

Klynn said...

Thank you so much for updating us. I have been thinking of you quite often over the past couple of days.

Forgive my ignorance, but has he ever done something like this before? Do you have any basis for comparison to estimate how long it may take for this to run its course? If not, you must be going crazy not knowing.

It breaks my heart to look at that picture of the smiling little boy that you put in a few posts back, and know that he's in a much different place right now. I wish that we could all just go to where you are and yell "fart" and he'd smile like that again.

Fart, fart, fart. Smile for us little man...